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Empath Energy Report 5.21.21 - 5.28.21 ~ Flowering Blood Moon

It's been raining here in the Twin Cities, for more than two days. Yesterday, all the tree blossoms snowed big pink and white petals to the ground. We are in the midst of this enormous contradiction...the beauty of spring flowers coupled with the dreariness of heavy spring rains. As an energy sensitive, I can attest that this weather is definitely indicative of how I'm feeling inside myself as well.

I've been feeling feels without knowing where they are coming from...mainly sads, some mads, lots of bugs, and the occasional (gasp for air) scareds. At the same time, I'm feeling a ton of good stuff too. Better than good stuff. Lots of laughs, joys, happies, gratefuls, loves, and more loves. Inside myself, I feel all the beautiful colors and fragrances of flowers, and the wet dreary grey-clouds of rains.

But it's not just about the weather. It's about the lunar cycle as well.

There's a full moon next week Wednesday. And I started feeling the energies of it this week Wednesday. I haven't slept well for two nights. Just as the moon pulls on the tides of the oceans, it pulls on the tides of our emotions. And this full moon is a doozie. It is a SuperMoon, which means that the moon is closer to the earth than it is any other time of the year. So it's pull is stronger. And, this full moon is also a lunar eclipse, making the moon appear blood red in color. The alignment of the earth, sun and moon in line has its own energetic effect.

In my humble opinion, this Super Flower Blood Full Moon is creating the perfect circumstances for us humans to FEEL all the FEELS all at once.

What's beautiful about all this is that it isn't a bipolar switch from happies to sads, manic to depressive, but rather, it's a simultaneous expression of all feels, all at once. I'm remembering that it is very possible to experience abundant joy at the same time as intense grief. This is what being human is all about, feeling the fullness of experience and emotion and LIFE.


If you are an EMPATH who is overwhelmed by feeling the feels, Book a Mentoring Appointment can give you some perspective as well as simple tools to help you cope.


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