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Empath Energy Report 5.5.21 ~ Body Talks

Today, Cinco de Mayo, is a 555 portal. Being the 5th day of the 5th month in a 5 year (2021 adds to 5). At the same time, we are in the midst of SuperMoon season where the moon this month is closer to the earth than the rest of the year. This all adds up to a lot of energy. A LOT of ENERGY.

Yesterday afternoon I got a knot in my stomach that wouldn't go away. It wasn't digestive. It wasn't muscular. It was ENERGETIC. It was my core chakra. A client of mine said last week that she felt like she had rocks in her chakras, and that's what this felt like, a knot in my solar plexus.

Last night I had this un-nerving disconnected feeling. My moods and emotions didn't match my body feels. For example, I felt emotionally sad, but without ANY of the physiological symptoms that come with sadness. I didn't feel any feelings of crying. At dinner with friends, we laughed and joked, but I didn't feel any of the lightness or bubbles in my belly that usually come with laughter.

This morning, I woke up with what I call the energetic detox feels. My belly felt toxic. My breath felt rancid. Fortunately, a good yoga practice and outdoor walk pushed those feels through, but I've had a dense headache all morning.

My point with this is that I cannot logically connect any of these feels to something I did or something that happened to me. It's all just energy manifesting in body feels. When that happens, I know that there's something up in the universal energy.

Hmmm...555 portal maybe?

If I put all the feels together, I'm going through a detox and cleanse and feeling an immense amount of pressure squeezing. It feels like the last push to make coal into a diamond. A major positive shift is happening, and it is likely a result of things I put into motion a while ago. Of course this is just speculation, but it makes sense given the energy of the supermoons, the new moon coming on Tuesday, and the power of 5.


If you have body feels or moody emotions for reasons you cannot identify, I can offer you some specific tips as to how to get through them. Book an Appointment.

As always, Focused Breathing is the best antidote for any feely-feels. Take the Online Course to learn how.

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