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Empath Energy Report 4.1.21 - April Fool's? Not so much. . .

Wowzer. After the Full Worm Moon, I thought things were looking up. Everything felt lighter, hopeful, and more inspiring. Here in Minnesota, the weather was warmer (we hit 72 degrees!). And then, yesterday happened. It started with my sweet Sukha (a 14.5 year old shiba inu with dementia) falling down the stairs. OUCH! She's fine. She looked like a seal going down a slide, didn't wince a bit, and got up asking for her morning walk. Resilient one she is. But that incident hit me, HARD. I was empathically shaken by it all day. And then, my sister-in-law sent a picture of an injured great horned owl she had saved from an attack of ravens. You all know how I LOVE owls. Just about the time I was accepting that Sukha is fine, that happened. Then there was some kind of major police action in my neighborhood. People in handcuffs. Several cops. Helicopters. I don't even want to know what that was about. And then, today I wake up to 19 degrees (where's that 70s weather gone?) Interestingly, all my clients in the last two days are reporting similar major upsets in energy. Was my Empath Energy Report at the beginning of the week just a fluke of timing? Are things not looking better? I refuse to believe it. I think yesterday's energy is a big fat April Fool's trick.

Here's the my read on this latest shake up in the happies we are all feeling. Bear with me.

Last Year This Time

Everyone was a couple weeks into lockdown and starting a major spring cleaning out of the clutter. Which energetically meant that all kind of skeletons came out of the closets. All our demons and issues got pulled out to *play*...and play they did. (corona virus, George Floyd, BLM, Wildfires, election, insurrection. . .) On a more personal level, we all had to deal with some of the deepest personal fears and problems and demons of our lifetimes, things we had been pretending away, hiding behind the corners, and shoving under the covers for way too long. For us EMPATHS, this meant that we are feeling more feels than ever before because everyone in the world is dancing with their shadows, and not always in a good way! And we did it. We have faced most of our demons, cleaned out most of our closets, and dealt with most of our skeletons. It took most of a year. And we did it. The worst IS over. mostly. . .

But that was last year. This year is supposed to be different right? The world is opening back up. Vaccines are happening. We are beating this...April Fool's

This Year

Anytime we clean out a closet (or garage, or kitchen junk drawer, or basement storage space) in order to do a really good job, we have to get in there and really scrub at the gunk that got into the corners. While yes, we sorted through the stuff of what we want to keep and what we want to pitch, but we still have to scrub out the spills and stickinesses that gathered in the cracks and crannies.

That's what is happening now on the energetic, psychic, and emotional levels.

So if you are experiencing flare ups of health issues you thought were conquered, or re-spins of emotional lows you thought you'd properly processed, or second-time around toxicities of relationships and scenarios you thought you'd effectively banished, you're not alone. It's happening to all of us.

I have had a number of clients tell me that they thought they were DONE and then this (fill in the blank) came back to haunt. I am sure with every sense of my chakra-reading aura-seeing being that it is just the gunk that needs to be cleaned. It's icky. It's messy. It's uncomfortable and not fun, but I promise, you'll be happy to face it now and don't leave that sticky residue in there to gather more gunk later.

And, April Fool's is only one day. This too shall pass. And it shall pass quickly.


Did you have your own gunk to clean out and want some empath guidance?

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