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DIANA - feel rich and abundant in every aspect of life

Sometimes the excess weight you hold in your body has nothing to do with the food you eat or how much you exercise. Sometimes it is about the stress you are carrying for other people.

Diana was carrying a huge burden for her ex-boyfriend. He dumped it on her. Because she is kind, and empathic (a sensitive soul) she carried it for him…even though they had broken up.

Until she didn’t.

During her WISDOM WITHIN Sacred Mentorship Program, Diana started to establish better boundaries in relationships…with her mother, her friends, and especially her ex. She realized that how they treated her didn’t match how she treated them.

After a couple weeks of brain training exercises that I taught her as part of my WISDOM WITHIN Sacred Spiritual Mentorship Program, she naturally started setting and maintaining better boundaries, and she let go of all the burdens she was holding for her ex who wasn’t treating her in kind.

Within days of letting that go, she lost a significant amount of physical weight. Her clothes fit differently, and she stopped thinking she had to go to the gym for 2 hours a day to get fit. Instead, she started walking more. She started feeling better in her own skin. She started listening to what her body wanted, and nourishing it. She started eating better without even trying.

• I see my body differently now. I like how I look. I appreciate myself in the mirror. I didn't have the relationship with my body before.

• I used to be annoyed and triggered and impacted by my mom - now I can relate to her and engage with her and enjoy the experience, even though Mom didn’t change. I did.

• When we started this proram, I was struggling on a lot of levels (job, move, financially, romance) - and now I am calmer, and I have clarity in every aspect of my life. I feel a lot more at peace with myself and my circumstances.

•As a result of the work I did in this program, I now have a very rich life. I am grateful. I am blessed. I found a rich abundance in life. I wish others could experience that and feel that. I feel so happy.

•I am more comfortable in my body. I enjoy my own skin appreciate my appearance and how much body works for me

•I do not take other people's reactions to me personally anymore. I am able to let things go and not be triggered.

Over the course of this 6-month mentorship, she learned to listen to herself, trust herself, love herself, and find the answers to her problems and challenges within herself.

She worked through a series of brain-body training exercises, a systematic chakra balancing protocol, and completed a number of deep nature rituals to get right in herself and better aligned with her Truth.

Her results were phenomenal and profound. Towards the end of the program she completed an ancient indigenous shamanic ritual to attract her ideal and perfect partner. As a result, she is now nurturing and attracting healthier relationships across all aspects of her life, and she is open to meeting Mr. Right around the next corner of her life (when she started the program she thought Mr. Right probably didn't exist).

If you are interested in learning more about Diana’s process, and that of my other clients who have found success in this program, book an initial consult with me to see if WISDOM WITHIN Sacred Mentorship is a fit for you.


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