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Coaches are not Teachers

Who was your favorite teacher?

You know the one. That teacher who really KNEW you. The one who made the special effort to do things special just for you.

The one who recognized that you were uber sensitive, and made the extra effort to over-compliment you when the other kids over-ignored you.

That teacher who was genuinely interested in hearing about whatever thing you were obsessed by that year.

The teacher who ate lunch with you (when the other kids ostracized you) AND she honestly enjoyed talking with you while sharing sliced apples.

That teacher that you will never ever forget because she played a very important role in your development by being that not-parent adult who cared as much (or more) than your parents did.

For me, this teacher was Ms. Meyer. She promised a special treat for the kid who read the most books during the year. We kept track with star stickers on a poster-board taped onto the side chalkboard. Only that year, my friend Heather and I filled the poster-board and spilled our star stickers across the whole chalkboard, so she took us both to the bookstore over lunch, bought us books, and took us out for ice cream, instead of lunch.

I'll always remember Ms. Meyer.

In fact, I've been unfairly comparing every teacher to her ever since the 4th grade.

And none of them have ever measured up.

In the last couple years, I've hired a number of coaches to coach me through all kinds of things: chanting through the chakras, spiritual business marketing, how to grow my TikTok following, and more.

While I've learned all kind of great things from these amazingly wise individuals.

One thing I learned (that I didn't expect to learn) is that coaches are not teachers.

And not just because they couldn't live up to the standards set by Ms. Meyer.

Have you had this experience?

(I've heard this story from many of my friends and clients who have hired coaches)

You hire a coach.

They promise you all kinds of amazing benefits from their programs.

They offer tons of out-of-this-world testimonials to support these claims.

They talk really fast. (too fast)

And EVERYTHING they say makes sense.

They are really smart about what they know.

(but they never learned how to TEACH what they know).

So you have a hard time actually implementing what they teach.

You don't know if you're doing it right.

And when you ask questions, they spew all kinds of fast-talking really wise answers...

that you still don't know how to actually DO what they tell you to do.

They make it seem so easy.

But for you, it's really hard.

I want to be very clear here.

The coaches are doing their best.

And they are VERY wise and the KNOW their stuff.

They even say, "I give you the information, and it is up to you what you do with it."

I loved my TikTok coach. He was very personable, and he knew his stuff really well.

He cared about me and he showed up for me twice a week for six weeks at the tune of $1500.

And guess what happened when I finished my program with him.

I was completely overwhelmed.

And I quit TikTok altogether.

Information overload.

You see, he was a coach. He did his job. He gave me information.

He wasn't a teacher. He didn't have the skills to read my progress and adjust.

He didn't have a step-by-step curriculum, or checks and balances to see if I was actually successful in learning his content and implementing it. He didn't have effective visual aids to activate the learning parts of my brain. He didn't know how to present the content in sixteen different ways to find the way that worked for me.

He had exactly two ways to present his content.

Lecture and Q &A.

I don't blame the coaches.

They are very wise about their subject matter.

And some of them are very charismatic in how they deliver their lectures and Q&A.


They were never taught how to teach.

They don't know how to make sure you REALLY understand.

They don't check to see if you can actually implement and have success.

They don't know how to write curriculum.

Or build instructional design.

Or assess a student's progress.

Or track student's growth.

Or to have a personal connection with every single student.

Coaches are not teachers.

But what if your coach is also a TEACHER.

This is what sets me apart from all the other spiritual coaches out there.

I have a master's degree in teaching.

I have taught some of the toughest students, ranging in age from 4-96.

My coaching program includes a thorough instructional design, a clear step-by-step curriculum with simple lesson plans.

I limit my classes to 7-15 students, the ideal class size so that every student feels seen, heard, supported, and part of the community.

I'll remind you what class was like with your favorite teacher in grade school, only better, because now you're old enough and mature enough to appreciate it completely, and get the best out of it no matter what.

I'm starting a small group Chakra Immersion coaching program in January 2023. Join now, and let me remind you how exciting it is to learn and grow and evolve and you did with your favorite class in school.


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