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Chris - Workaholism & Burnout - Case Study

Chris enrolled in the 6-Month Sacred Mentorship with a severe case of workaholism and burnout.

Her work had infiltrated every aspect of her life. She wasn’t sleeping well. She was constantly thinking about work, and never really enjoying time off. She stopped taking care of herself and her body, and her work was interfering with her relationship with her husband.

“I have struggled with turning work off. . . with covid and working from home, I am constantly thinking about work. I don't know how to turn that off.”

Within weeks of starting her Sacred Mentorship, Chris did something she had been saying she needed to do for years. She left her job for an entirely different position in a smaller company.

Once in the new position, the mentorship program helped her to establish and maintain healthy work-life-balance boundaries. She created a new normal for her work-life balance so she wouldn’t fall into old habits.

“I feel like I am laughing more. . . I feel more relaxed. I leave work and I am not thinking about work until I come back to work.”

The stress of working constantly affected Chris’s relationship with her body. As a result of covid and working from home, her body had changed and she was no longer comfortable in her skin. She wasn’t sleeping well, and was exhausted all the time. She found herself in a constant argument with her body.

“I'm aging...everyone is. My body's reaction to life has changed, and I’m trying to figure it out, and it is not going well.”

By the end of the 6-month mentorship program, and a series of exercises to help her listen to and relate to her body better, Chris had developed a new dialogue with her body.

“I am sleeping better. . . I don’t crave Pepsi as much, and sometimes it doesn’t even taste good anymore. . . I have accepted my body as it is now. I do most of the time. This is how I look, and it is okay. I'm okay with it. I understand how my body looks and why. I accept that more.”

Chris had been diagnosed with ADD, and attributed her anxiety, procrastination, and inability to set-up and follow a structured routine for herself as all symptomatic of ADD.

“Maybe because of the ADD, I need a slight anxiety to get things done, but I don't want to live like that anymore.”

During the course of the Sacred Mentorship Program, Chris worked on various brain training exercises that helped her to understand how her ADD brain works, and how to manage her anxiety and procrastination. And, she was even able to establish a structured 10-minute a day yoga routine for herself.

“I feel like ADD is a part of me. . . it is just who I am. This realization was revolutionary for me. I realize there is a need for people who think about things differently, like I do. I have to know how to make my ADD work for me, and I understand it, what it is, and what it is doing. I also notice the signs when I am triggered. Being conscious allows me to use it to my advantage. I do feel like I am more aware now.”


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