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A Giggle Bumps Moment

You know that feeling you get when something magical happens… that little happy-shiver down your spine? that tickle-bubble in your belly? that goose-pimple-tingle up and down your arms? that laugh-out-loud for no real reason til your cheeks hurt?

You know what it’s like…when you randomly get some awesomely epic idea, and then the car in front of you has the numbers 444 in the license plate, or you look at the clock and it’s 11:11.

It usually happens when there’s some sort of Spirit/God/Universe synchronicity happening.

I felt it the other day as a client saw a double rainbow outside her window while I was teaching her the focused breathing technique during a session.

Before I met my Hobbit, I would spend hours and hours trying to connect to Spirit on a deeper level with meditation, and yoga, and journaling, and gratitude practices, and ALL THE THINGS. Wishing for one of this synchronistic *sign* moments.

I was trying too hard.

I was knock-knock-knocking on Spirit’s Door begging “please… please... please... give me a SIGN!”

Then I met Hobbit, and he gently nudged me to stop trying so hard, but rather to try EASY.

The first step: give God/Goddess a pet name. [Enter ~ Giggle Bumps]

Hobbit helped me to laugh more. To play more. And to let Giggle Bumps come to me.

And now, I’m blessed with more of those GB-moments in my life.

Like the one in this picture! I don’t remember what that GB-moment was about, but I remember how it made me feel. [thank you Maya Angelou]

My clients and I have GB-moments like that almost every session! Okay, maybe not always double-rainbow-obvious, but I can almost guarantee that a client session brings some sort of lightbulb moment that tickles that bubble-pop in your belly.

every. single. time.

Are you looking for signs? Maybe you’re looking too much, trying too hard, to the point of over-doing everything to exhaustion? I can show you how to integrate your spiritual practice into your every day life, to make it fun, and playful so that you can feel connected and trust your intuition.

all. the. time.

Click the link below to book a free 45-minute conversation with me.

I'll invite Giggle Bumps to join us, and maybe we will find out that you and I have some fun spirit-play to do together.


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