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10 Benefits of a MOZI Method for Mindfulness Practice

The MOZI Method integrates body action with mindful intention and spirit breath into a simple 10-second mindfulness exercise for holistic health and wellness. I invented The MOZI Method in 2014 after years of recognizing that yoga and meditation were not accessible treatments and practices for the general public. Over the last several years, I have collected thousands of anecdotal testimonies proving the following benefits:

1. Reduce Stress

Mindfulness, specifically in the form of yoga and meditation, has been clinically proven to reduce and manage all levels of stress. They are the only proven methods of successfully and consistently treating post traumatic stress disorder. However, in order to retain lasting results for stress management, yoga and meditation mindfulness practices require 20-60 minutes of practice a day. The MOZI Method, on the other hand, when practiced for 10-seconds at a time, many times a day brings mindfulness into your all-day and everyday habits. I have had clients report that The MOZI Method worked better for reducing and managing their stress than they yoga and meditation practices because it is something they can do in the moment stress happens.

2. Soothe Body Aches & Pains

The MOZI Method teaches you simple body awareness as well as proper body posture and mechanics. A high percentage of body aches and pains are a result of mis-using your body, repetitive stress injuries, and other strains from poor posture. The simple exercises in The MOZI Method get your brain paying attention to the signals of your body, responding to them, and using your body the way it was designed to be used rather than causing it pain by repeatedly performing actions and postures that cause it strain. You will find that you feel stronger and more flexible without even having to work on your fitness at all.

3. Improve Focus & Efficiency

The absolute best way to get your brain to work better is to give it better oxygen. The Focused Breathing technique taught within The MOZI Method is repeatedly the one technique that clients come back to as the most beneficial and significant in their practice. To breathe better is to live better.

4. Ease Anxiety & Depression

Everyone and their cousin seems to be diagnosed with some level of anxiety and depression today. There's a theory that Anxiety is fear of the future and depression is regret of the past. The treatment then is to be in THIS MOMENT. Yesterday is a memory and tomorrow is a mystery, so MINDFULNESS IS THIS MOMENT. The great thing about The MOZI Method is we don't need to dig into the root causes of your anxiety and depression are in order to alleviate them. In fact, it is better not to dwell on the past or worry about the future. Rather, The MOZI Method provides tricks and tools for helping you really be in THIS moment, the here and now.

5. Better Sleep

When our days are filled with stress, our bodies fill with stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol). Stress hormones are chemically designed to deal with stress, to keep us awake and doing things to fight the stress monsters. This makes it so that our bodies don't know how to unwind and relax, much less sleep when the time comes to sleep. The thing is that stress hormones don't like to share with calming hormones. Inherently, they take over control, and they don't like to give up control, even when it is time to rest. When our bodies are constantly flooded with stress hormones, we have to retrain them to relax. The MOZI Method for Mindfulness offers simple moments to push calming hormones (oxytocin, serotonin) into your body gradually over time. In fact, we have even created a specific MOZI Method protocol designed to help you with sleep issues.

6. Improved Relationships

Studies have shown a significant connection between mindfulness and more satisfying intimate and close relationships. When we are more calm and mindful, we are better able to listen, receive, and relate to others because we are MINDFUL of what they are sharing and able to not take things personally. When we are calm and relaxed, we are also less reactive, and therefore more emotionally available to listen, connect, and share quality time with those we love most. The MOZI Method specifically teaches techniques to apply in relationship to help you be a better listener, a better partner, and a better friend.

7. Enhanced Intuition

Everyone is always asking me how to better develop their intuition, to be able to really listen to themselves, and trust themselves. While we all wish there were some magic pill that we could take that make us sit up and listen and act appropriately when we get those gut feelings, there isn't a pill. However, the MOZI Method is a systematic approach to developing self-awareness in body, mind and spirit so that you can better hear those physical cues, know what they mean intellectually, and feel the urge to respond to them appropriately and not ignore them.

8. Increased Self-Awareness

In today's technological age, so often we run around focused on things going on inside our heads and not really paying attention to what is happening in our bodies. And, often those things in our heads are all about things happening outside ourselves, in the greater world, or in the inter-webs. The MOZI Method is a system that allows you to take tiny moments to connect with yourself, check in with you body, your breath, your thoughts, and your SELF. Repeatedly clients report that doing the exercises helped them understand themselves better on many levels.

9. Balance Hormones & Reset Nervous System

Our thoughts create our reality, so we need to change our thoughts to change our system. What goes on inside our skulls and between our ears is the electrical wiring that informs the entirety of our bodies. Thus, the way to manage our nervous system and get our brains and bodies to talk to each other effectively directly impacts how we feel on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The fastest and most efficient way to change our hormones and to reset our nervous system is to regulate our breathing and change the thought patterns in our heads. If we link breath to thoughts and match those thoughts to body actions, as done in every MOZI Method exercise, we reset our nervous system and change our experience instantly.

10. Increase Overall Happiness & Quality of Life

If you add up all the benefits in items one through nine above, you will find that they all equate to a better experience of life. Our clients consistently report they are happier and more fulfilled in life after learning The MOZI Method. In fact, years later they all claim to still practice at least one specific and personalized MOZI Method exercise regularly as a daily mantra of life.


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