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Will You Pray For My Pup Tosha?

My 2.5yo corgi, Tosha (short for Santosha, which means "always content") goes in for knee surgery tonight at 8pm CST.

She was born with hip dysplasia, and as a result, tore her CCL (dog equivalent to ACL) about a year ago. We tried every holistic therapy possible. She's done chiropractics, acupuncture, CBD oil, Reiki, Assisi Loop, Nutritional Supplements, Underwater Treadmill Therapy, and more.

She is getting a TLPO procedure to repair the damage to her knee, and she will have a two month recovery.

Will you pray for her?

If you pray for her, I promise you, she will sprinkle a bit of her "contentment" energy all over you.

You see, that's how prayer works. When you pray for someone, you aren't just sending all kinds of positive mojo juju juice to that other soul, but you are filling yourself with all those good vibes too.

Since Tosha is all about contentment, and she's a bundle of corgi-sploot always-content-joy...taking 15 seconds right now to send her a little healing happy thought will bring you much more than 15-seconds of healing happy to yourself.

How to Power-Up Your Prayer

When you pray mindfully, and you put your body and intention into it, you activate all kinds of neurons and wiring and synapses in your chakra system that makes you feel all the things you are giving away. Energy is magic like that.

Here are a five ways to Power Up Your Prayer (and get back what you give)

  • Take a few deep breaths as you think about all the positive memories you have for the soul you are praying for. Really FEEL into those memories. How do they light up in your body? How do they feel in your heart? Take a few more deep breaths as you imagine amplifying those feels beyond your body.

  • Put on your favorite song that reminds you of the soul you're praying for. Dance and sing out loud. Get your whole body vibrating with those happy dance vibes.

  • Find someone to hug. Then hug that person for more than 10-seconds. Really embrace. And imagine the soul you are praying for being embraced between you. Breathe deeply as you embrace.

  • Write down the three positive traits you think of when you think of the soul you want to pray for. Carry that piece of paper with you all day (in your pocket, in your bra, somewhere close to your body), and tuck it under your pillow when you sleep. In the morning, read those words out loud and feel into your body all the gratitude you have for really having those qualities in your life.

  • Next time you are out in nature, even if that's just while walking to your car, stop for a moment to take a deep breath, look up to the sky, and really smell the air (just like Tosha loves to do). Be grateful for the giant glorious beautiful world of nature that surrounds you. On your last exhale, blow that gratitude as a prayer on the wind to the one you love.

And if you want to give an extra special prayer for Tosha today...I invite you to do one of these things.

  • We are covering our kitchen chalkboard with intentions for Tosha today. Email or text me or social media message me with a couple words to add to her prayer wall (see picture below).

  • Next time you go for a walk in nature (even if it's not for several days...she's got a two month recovery ahead of her)...take a moment to stop and smell the aliveness of nature and send that feeling Tosha's way.

  • Take a few extra minutes with your furry friend today. Cuddle them. Love them. Nuzzle their noses and ask them to send their healing magic to Tosha.

  • Watch this YouTube video of Tosha and take an extra moment to notice all the smiles it brings you.

  • Message me with your stories of Tosha, or corgis, or your furry friend.

  • Make up your own active way to pray.

This means the world to me, and Hobbit, and especially Tosha. She really really really really wants to be able to chase her boyfriend Frank again, and run with her pack in the dog parks this spring.

I love you all,



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