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Why I'm Weird (and proud of it)

Tuesday Tales

When I was a in grade school, I was the “weird kid” in class. I was teased, sometimes bullied. I was talked about behind my back (except… I could hear them).

I just ignored them. I read my books and wrote my stories. When I turned 10, and only one person showed up for my party. Then, I stopped having birthday parties.

I wasn’t just weird because I was introverted, and liked to read and write stories. I was weird because I could *see* things that other people couldn’t see. I could *feel* things that other kids couldn’t feel.

The other kids didn’t believe me.

They just thought I was lost in my stories and making stuff up.

One day in the 5th grade, my dad came home from an intuitive development class all excited. He told me that people have colors surrounding their bodies. It was energy, called auras.

I laughed at him.

“Don’t you see that Dad? Right now, yours is mostly blue.”

Turns out, I had been seeing and feeling auras and chakras my whole life.

I thought everyone could.

By the time I was in high school, the other kids decided my weirdness was kinda cool (but still too weird to be my friend). They started asking me “what color am I?” But I found that question to be the most frustrating question in my world because describing a constantly changing aura is about as impossible as depicting the majestic beauty of a mountain sunset in the written word.

So I read the classics. I read not only because I enjoyed a good story, but because I wanted to learn how to write like the masters, to make the written word dance on the page like the colors I saw around people.

Plus, I just wanted to be able to describe the undescribable things I could see and feel.

I guess I started training for my career as a chakra expert long before I even knew it could be a career.


Each week as part of this new Tuesday Tales Series, I give you another snippet of my life’s ventures and how I have turned into this quirky, awkward, brilliant, weird, creative, grounded, practical teacher that I am.

If you’re interested in “what color you are?” book a free 45-minute chakra assessment, and I’ll give you far more than just a color analysis.


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