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Integrity: Where Science & Spirit Meet

The definition of INTEGRITY is having strong moral principles that you refuse to change. When I think about the people I admire most, they are the ones who have a strong belief system that guides their every action, large and small. My integrity comes in the place where my spiritual values match and align with basic scientific principles. In essence, the laws of nature hold the deepest spiritual truths.

I believe in a spiritual approach to life in accordance with teachings of great quantum physicists such as Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Stephen Hawking emphasizing the space where science and spirit meet.

Everyone and everything is already perfect. The human experience is a journey of experiences and adventures in exploring one’s perfect imperfection and natural and authentic evolving process.

Inherent Nature – Wabi-Sabi

All things in life are perfectly imperfect. Within the imperfections and the natural cycles of growth and decay is the beauty of life and process. This philosophy is based on the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi.

Spiral Evolution – Fibonacci Sequence

In the natural cycles of growth and decay, everything evolves in an outward spiral (the Fibonacci sequence), thus life is a never-ending evolving and growing cyclical process like the growth of an ammonite shell, the spinning of a galaxy within the universe.

Scientific Laws of Physics

Basic laws of physics apply not only to physical matter, but are also spiritual laws of life. When we accept these laws as the perfect imperfection of evolution and learn to work with them, we find peace.

CONSERVATION OF ENERGY - Energy is neither created nor destroyed. All things on the planet are made up of the same materials, atoms and molecules, constantly arranging and re-arranging. TeriLeigh LLC teaches people how to be mindful and aware in the reorganization and re-arranging of energy to produce their desired results in life.

EVERY ACTIONS HAS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION - in order to produce a momentum, you must assert a force that takes you out of the current path. That force must be an equal and opposite action to what has always been done. TeriLeigh LLC teaches specific exercises to create that equal and opposite force to produce change.

A BODY IN MOTION STAYS IN MOTION; A BODY AT REST STAYS AT REST - the law of inertia is applied to life itself. If we keep doing what we have always done, we will keep getting what we have always gotten.

To produce change, INTENTIONAL ACTION applied in CONSISTENCY, MINDFULNESS is the force that will take us off the current course and in a different direction.


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