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Weird Energy 10-12-20

I didn't sleep much, if at all last night. The Great Insomnia of 2020 continues. It didn't help that Tosha, my new puppy, got me up four times to go outside, which is odd because she has been sleeping through the night since we got her two weeks ago.

When I finally got up for the day at 5am, I feel unzipped. Like I got out of bed not just naked, but without any skin either. My senses of smell and hearing have kicked into high gear. I feel everything I hear as an electric tingle down my spinal cord. I taste everything I smell as a metallic zing on the back of my tongue. Today's energy is not normal.

Then, at breakfast, I find Tosha curled up to our neighbor dog, Frank like this. And all I could think was, I hear you girlfriend. I'd like to curl up and be protected by a bigger stronger man today too.

And so I did, I snuggled myself in for a hug with my Hobbit. I warned him that I might not be the easiest to live with today, and that I probably cannot leave the house today either.

Then a friend of mine texted me that in Latin America, Tuesday the 13th is similar to Friday the 13th in the USA. Hmmm...I guess I tuned into that one.

I'm not an astrologer, but I always do know when something big is up in the universe. And today, everything is a bit off kilter and open wide. It's like a portal has opened and brought with it a giant gust of cold chill. I find myself recoiling, but know that I will eventually adjust and prepare myself to walk through the portal.

Part of this 2020 stuff is that we have been swooshed through many such portals, and most of them have happened to us before we even notice them coming. This one, I am feeling. All of them have been shockers, and caused major transformation and change. This one isn't any different.

I'm choosing to be both cautious, and excited. It's a mindfulness practice that I keep having to remember to do every single day this year.

My mantra "The unexpected is something to be excited about."

In the meantime, I invite you to be extra gentle with yourself today. And put on your empath energy worker armor. You're gonna need it.

Wanna know how to put on that armor? Join me for this webinar. It's only $10...and if you can't make that time, no worries. We are recording it, so everyone registered will get the link for replay.


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