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TL's Story

I'm TeriLeigh. Lots of people call me TL.

This is me, on a road trip adventure evacuating FL during Hurricane Irma, making the best out of a pretty scary situation.

Sometime, every single day, I bow face-down on a yoga mat, scribble something thoughtful or random in a leather bound book, and wait for my pup to finish sniffing whatever caught her nose in the great big outside world. But really, I'm just an average woman, with a dog.

Sukha is a Sanskrit word meaning to let go, surrender, give up to spirit. She is just that, very chill, and WISE. She is very wise.

Her name is Sukha, and she's been by my side since 2006. She shows me how to love myself, reminds me how to stop and sniff the good smells (and the odd ones), and nudges me to be fully aware and present in all moments. Whenever we can, we take long walks (more like slow saunters) in the woods, enjoying what we consider to be the wisest creatures on earth, TREES.

Sukha and I, we live with a Hobbit, in what we endearingly call "The Treehouse". Hobbit (whose given name is Neil) gave himself that nickname on our first date. I swooned at him for his hobbit-like humbleness, his belief in Alice in Wonderland as a sacred text, and his ability to make me laugh multiple times over completely absurd concepts. He's my other best friend, the one who speaks English, and a whole bunch of other voices I don't always understand, but usually make me giggle.

Hobbit calls me Owleigh. He says I was a creature who swooped in from nowhere, like a meteor, with a lot of wisdom (hence the owl moniker) and sprinkled all kinds of happy-bubble-pixie-dust into his otherwise drab world. You see, both Hobbit and I came from rather challenged prior lives. We lost ourselves in marriages that didn't fit quite right, and found ourselves, and eventually each other, through divorce. If you wanna read more about my divorce-finding-myself-story, read my memoir The Gift Inside the Wound.

I started posting Hobbit's little humors (hobbitizms) on facebook some time ago. Evidently his bubble-happies aren't just joyful to me, but they bring brightness to my facebook friends and fans too. So, I've decided to write our stories in more depth and detail and share them in our The Hobbit and the Owl series where you can learn how we keep the bubbles of relationship bubbling between us. (Hobbit LOVZ BUBBLEZ!)

I've been through some hard stuff. Actually, I've been through a lot of hard stuffs, and all that hard stuff has led me to some pretty powerful GOOD STUFF. While I don't like to dwell on the past, I do like to reflect on how it helped me grow. This website is about sharing the stories of the hard stuffs and how I twist them inside-out in my mind to be good stuffs. I invite you to snuggle into a favorite chair and read those stories, take an online course, or receive telephone mentoring from me.

I now spend my days writing, and teaching and mentoring people like you through your hard stuffs, helping you turn the uglies upside down to find the pretty. That doesn't mean I will make you talk about it forever to dig into the past of whys and hows and where-to-fores. I'm not a therapist. What I do is hold your hand, and ask just the right questions to get you figuring the hard stuffs out for yourself. I tell you what I hear with my happy ears, even when you talk in your heavy voice. I help you see the good stuffs that are coming out of the hard stuffs. Cuz you know what? I've been there sister (or brother), and I know the hard stuffs are hard, and ALWAYS ALWAYS worth it.


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