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The Sensitive Soul & Spirituality - research report

Sometimes, my brain gets curious, uber-curious.

I mean BIG TIME CURIOUS where I can’t stop the itching thoughts from swirling in a zillion different directions until I dig deep into some kind of research and go into a major organization mode to figure them out. do you have an over-active curiosity? The kind that gets your brain going in loop-de-loops and twists and turns and spirals until you can organize it all inside your noggin and figure it all out?

Do you call that over-thinking?

Or is it just intense curiosity?

Everything can be reframed…

A couple months ago when I got curious about the intersection between empath sensitivities and spirituality.

So down the twisty turny curvy curly over-thinking curiosity research rabbit hole I went….

It all started with an innocent google search

INFJ…empath…HSP…sensory processing disorder…neurodivergent…etc. etc. etc.

That led to a series of scientific research journal articles

But none of them focused on spirituality.

They all focused on what was *wrong* that needed to be fixed.

So of course…

I needed to conduct my own little research.

Cuz everything can be reframed and flipped upside down and turned inside out from negative to positive…right???

I interviewed 50 people who identify as Empath or HSP who also identify as spiritually minded.

I compared those interviews to those of 10 people who identify as Empath or HSP and do not prescribe to any religion or spirituality.

First of all, as an introvert/empath/hsp…interviewing 50 spiritually minded introverted empath hsps meant that I now feel like I have 50 new best friends! What cool conversations we had!

Finding #1

Spiritually Minded Empath HSP can drop in to DEPTH in less than a minute. No small talk. No superficiality. We spiritual empaths go DEEP…and oh is that refreshing.

Finding #2

Spiritually Minded Empath HSPs are almost always proactive and preventative in their health/wellness beliefs and practices.

Finding #3 All Spiritually Minded Empath HSPs are highly functional individuals who serve their communities in huge ways. They give and serve and take care of and manage things and people in ways that make the non-spiritually minded empath/HSPs completely exhausted and non-functional. And, the spiritually minded empath/HSPS all want to learn how to better manage their sensitivities and learn ways of self-protection so that they can serve and support their people even more!

Finding #4…this one blew my mind!

Almost every single one of the spiritually minded Empath/HSPs I interviewed reported that they had a major break with the religion or spirituality that they were raised in! This happened sometime between the ages of 10-30…and it more often than not coincided with their discovery that they are Empath/HSP.

What this means is that when one is spiritually minded AND they discover they are Empath/HSP…they go seeking for a DEEPER spirituality. They go LOOKING to understand spirit more!

We are natural spirit seekers! Of course, this research makes me even more curious…how many more of you out there can relate to this?

Do you consider yourself Empath/HSP?

Do you also consider yourself spiritually minded?

Did you have a major break from your religion or spiritual beliefs sometime around the time you discovered you are Empath/HSP?

Did that happen sometime between the ages of 10-30?

Are you HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL in comparison to the people around you?

Do you get more done (and do them faster)?

Manage more things?

Take care of more people?

Are you seeking better ways to manage your sensitivity and self-protection so that you can serve your community even more?

If this is you, I’d love to talk with you.


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