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The Root Cause is STRESS

Thursday Thoughts

Functional Medicine seems to be all the rage right now. Chiropractors turned functional medicine docs are popping up all over the place, teaching that inflammation is the root cause of everything.

I worked for one of those docs for a few months once upon a time.

He said that all symptoms come from inflammation, so his mission was to treat the inflammation by teaching his clients to eat better and move more.

I agreed with him. but only partly.

He claimed that inflammation was the root cause, but I wanted to dig deeper than that.

What causes inflammation?

The answer to that is simple,

STRESS causes inflammation.

but the solution is more complex. How do you treat stress?

The chiro functional med doc was right in that diet and movement do help with stress...on the body...

but there are other stresses that impact the body functioning and those stresses need to be addressed in the mind and the spirit.

The short answer is PERSPECTIVE

When you Change your thoughts. You Change your mind.

When you Change your perspective. You Change your reality.

If you’ve tried the diet and exercise and working to reduce the external stresses of your life, and it has a degree...

and you still have that residual “inflammation” that limits your experience of life, it might be time to change yourself from the inside out.

Change your perspective. You have the WISDOM WITHIN yourself. I can help you find it through chakra alignment.


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