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The Over-Thinking Face (more wrinkles)

This is my over-thinking face.

Can you see it?

The not-quite smile.

The crow's feet eyes.

The bonus cheek-wrinkles.

The off-in-the-distance-eye-gaze.

It makes me look (and feel) older than I am.

But mostly, it's the way my head looks just a little bit disconnected from my body.

I know you know how that feels.

I had a new client last week tell me that she does all the things...

She's doing the guided meditations.

She praying daily.

She's saying the affirmations, out loud.

She's doing the mirror work.

She's journaling and writing down her gratitudes.

And it's taking up big chunks of her day,

every day.

And it's all working.

But only sort of working.

But not really.

She kept telling me "I'm trying really hard..."

"Why isn't it working???" She asked.

I pointed out that she's an over-thinker. And, that she's trying too hard. I suggested that a big piece of manifesting is getting into the ZONE. Letting go.

And, that all the "things" she is "doing" are all HEAD things.

I suggested that maybe she might want to move some of that amazing awesomeness of her thoughts into her body, to EMBODY her intentions.

She asked me how I know this and how to do that?

I told her it is because I am an over-thinker too. My brain is constantly working, sometimes with way too many monkeys, and I often get head-disconnected-from-body syndrome that makes all my good intentions work at only half-power, or less. Hence the wonky not-really-smiling smile.

This used to be my resting-normal-face. Cuz I was trying too hard. Thinking too much. And manifesting...not enough.

And then, I figured that those affirmations and those thoughts were really good. They were powerful. But there must've been something missing that they weren't REALLY working.

So I tried some things. And I tried some other things.

And then, I figured it out.

Thinking is only part of the equation to manifesting intentions.

We need to include the doing (BODY) and the feeling (SPIRIT).

Mind + Body + Spirit = Manifesting Intentions

And, I designed a system, a methodology, and a series of simple easy-pease life-hacks to deal to train my brain monkeys and actually GET STUFF DONE, and to deal with moments when stinkin-thinkin wants to take over all the real estate in my brain. My system makes those amazing and awesome thoughts and intentions move from your head into your body and connect with your spirit so that they can actually manifest.

If you are an over-thinker who's tried "all the things" for them to only sort-of work, and all those things are HEAD things, click the link below to book a free Sacred Mentorship Discovery Call with me (you know you want to). Maybe, just maybe, I could mentor you through my system and help you to find the clarity and action you've been craving.


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