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The MOZI of Embarrassment

Tuesday Tales

I desperately wanted to be a teacher, starting when I was 10 years old. At age 19, a college sophomore I had to teach my first class. Actually, it was just a 15-minute mini-lesson for an English class of high school seniors (they were less than 2 years younger than me... a couple of them were my own age). I was terrified I would look stupid and they would bully me like my peers did when I was in high school.

two minutes into the mini-lesson on grammar, the cooperating teacher at the back of the room motioned to me to look at my shirt.

It was unbuttoned right at my breasts showing my bra to everyone, including all the high school cocky-ass jocks.

I was mortified.

I turned around, buttoned my shirt, took a breath, told myself I could button up this lesson too, and turned back around and continued teaching as if nothing had happened.

I got my biggest fear out of the way.

And I now have a really cool “most embarrassing moment” story.

Little did I know that moment was my very first MOZI exercise.

The MOZI Method is a chakra alignment system I developed nearly two decades later, based in yoga, mindfulness, brain training, and neuroscience. It links a specific body action, with a deep breath, and a mental intention to reset your attitude and hormones in the moment.

I turned around. (body action) I took a deep breath. I thought to myself I could button up the lesson like I did my shirt.

and I did just that.

If you want to know more about the MOZI Method, book a FREE consult with me and I’ll teach you.


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