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Puppy Fever of 2020 - Healing Our Heart Chakras

I admit it, I succumbed to one of the latest fads of 2020. I got a puppy.

Tosha. Which is short for Santosha, which is a Sanskrit term. In 10 commandments of yoga (yamas and niyamas) one of the moral observances is SANTOSHA, which is the practice of CONTENTMENT. Santosha means always content, ever blissful, joyful with what is.

Given today's state of the world, finding ways to be content with the current situation isn't exactly an easy task. However, this little one doesn't seem to have any problem finding ways to be content in any circumstance. Sure, she whines for a few minutes when I put her in her kennel. But then she remembers that I put a chew toy with her and she settles down to chomp away. She may bark a few times to get one of the other dogs to pay attention to her, but if they ignore her, she quickly gives up and finds a stick to drag around the yard instead.

Tosha is teaching me a lot about distracting myself from the status quo and finding other possibilities. She is opening my mind to the simple little things in life that are really joyful and pleasant, even amidst all the chaos of 2020.

2020 has brought a huge amount of challenges to our HEART CHAKRAS. The corona virus pandemic directly compromises the lungs, and then the heart by depriving oxygen in the system. Add this to the "I Can't Breathe" protests following the death of George Floyd over Memorial Day weekend and a summer of wildfires across California that impacted the air quality all across America, and a hurricane season drowning our gulf coast like never before. Everywhere we look, we are dealing with issues around breathing. Our heart chakras are contracting into intense compression!

When so many large things are out of our immediate control, we do what we can to control what is in our direct lives.


Dogs are one of the best sources of heart chakra energy. They love unconditionally. They provide a huge gush of the heart chakra hormone, oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone. They remind us with their puppy breath, puppy purrs, tongue kisses, and playful romps that really love is all there is.

But, getting a puppy is a HUGE commitment, and a big responsibility, and not the only thing you can do to infuse your heart chakra.

Together with my friend Alexander Kriech, I'll be offering a one-time webinar about the state of our world, how 2020 has impacted our heart chakras, what it means on an energetic level, and what you can do to find balance through the chaos. We'll include more about the power of puppies, and other ways we can be happy amidst the tragedies of this year.

Please join us.

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