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My Educational Philosophy


To educate means “to draw forth from within.”

Education at its best is a simple step-by-step process that meets the students where they are at, and helps them to discover who and what they already know and pull it out from inside the deepest core of themselves. All TeriLeigh LLC offerings are based on a philosophy of education as drawing the wizdom out from within the student, client, or reader.

“We Learn 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, 50% of what we see and hear, 70% of what we discuss, 80% of what we experience, 95% of what we teach others.” ~William Glasser


Students who relate to their teachers are more likely to respect and adhere to an instructor’s teachings. One of the best ways for teachers to establish a positive relationship and rapport with students is to share stories of their own process, their own learning, and to be authentic and real with their students.


Storytelling has been proven as an effective lesson plan since the beginning of time (oral tradition of indigenous tribes, Aesop’s Fables, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Shakespeare, Harry Potter, etc.) The absolute best way for people to relate their own lives and learn the lessons of life is through the power of story.


A key component in personal growth is mentorship, a special relationship of one who has walked a path guiding others to find their own ways on a similar path.


Students learn best with content is broken down into simple steps. The human brain works with patterning, and patterning is best achieved applying only one element at a time. TERILEIGH instruction is based on a simple approach of learning one concept at a time and working in a logical and progressional step-by-step process.

Positive Reinforcement

Everyone loves a cookie, especially when it comes in the form of kudos, compliments, affirmations, and goodies to confirm a job well done. Studies show that when students receive positive reinforcement, they are eager to continue along their learning process and confront harder content.

Pre/Post Test Assessment

The best way to monitor progress and to show growth is to give students an opportunity to see their work before and after their learning and application of the content. An effective pre and post test process to allow to students to practically and distinctly feel the difference in their practice before and after applying concepts affirms their growth in the learning process.

Fostering Independence

The best teachers are those who teach themselves out of a job. They deliver the content, provide opportunities for the student to apply the content, until eventually the student can show mastery of the content without needing the assistance of the teacher.


An ancient Chinese proverb reads “Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.” Students learn best when they are actively involved in the process and allowed to articulate their understanding and share it with others.


It takes a minimum of seven repetitions of something to remember it solidly. It takes several hundred repetitions of something to make it an automatic habit.The human brain functions based on patterning. When it recognizes a repeat pattern, it develops a habit and sends messages to the body to perform according to that habit. The best learning is that which encourages constant repetition in order to foster the development of positive habits.

Consistency Practice

Lasting change comes from consistent practice. TeriLeigh provides small, simple exercises that develop into a consistent practice, causing a lasting healthy lifestyle change.

Communication – Essential Language

Words are the tools we use to communicate a powerful yogic experience. As a teacher, your voice must be clear and resonant; your words must be precise and inspiring. Students will learn how the vibration of language can change the expression of the body.


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