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Inner child PLAY Date with Jules Hare

I want to introduce you to my friend Jules Hare, an intuitive mentor, embodiment coach, cranial sacral practitioner, and FUN-MASTER.

I recently had the opportunity to do a mini-chakra reading for Jules. And let me tell you that she embodies the essence of dominant sacral chakra fun like a sprinkler spewing glitter.

Meeting Jules was almost like meeting my twin (professional) sister, but we were separated at birth. Like me, she started her spiritual and holistic health path as a young child. While I went into teaching and journeyed through various adventures in nature and spirit to find my way to coaching...she went into therapy and journeyed her way through various adventures in nature and spirit to find her way to coaching. She is the only person I have ever met who is as body/mind-aware as I am and has as disciplined and consistent of a practice to connect with her Source as I do. Her daily facebook posts of her adventures in nature by the sea bring smiles and joy to me every single day.

Jules Hare is a playfully wise Intuitive Mentor and Embodiment Coach at Cranial Waves Wellness. A natural born inner intimacy artist, Jules has an amazing ability to awaken you to your own inner gifts and unique abilities, by facilitating a new and powerful friendship between your mind and body! With over 30 years experience as a Cranial Sacral Therapist, she’s spent over 600,000 hours mastering her unique craft. Making her a powerful catalyst to help YOU illuminate your way out of ‘stuck’, help YOU re-member your divine purpose, and assist YOU to embody the soul mission you came here for. Activate the SuperPower of your Intuition. Your inner guidance system awaits!

She is one of 19 experts featured in this summit of spiritual and holistic health care practitioners.

Coming Home to Your Wholeness in the New Year

With Plant Medicine, Spirituality & Holistic Health

This summit includes NO-COST video lessons and free-gifts from each of the presenters. (I'm on there too)


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