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Breathwork with Jonathan Schecter

Hey Friends,

Many of you know that BREATHWORK is vital to the work I do with Chakra Balancing.

I want to introduce you to my friend Jonathan Schecter, a breathwork specialist. I took one of his monthly breathwork virtual workshops a few months ago and was blown away by his ability to hold sacred space and teach this vital skill in the virtual space.

Jonathan Schecter is an integration coach, breathwork facilitator and host of The Vital Point podcast. He helps men find clarity and unlock change in their psychedelic work so that they can reconnect to their purpose and step into their power.

As you all know, I am HIGHLY sensitive...and I am also pharmaceutical-free and chemical-free. I even have extreme reactions to microMICRO-dosing of plant medicine. Jonathan suggested I could have all the benefits of psychedelics through his unique approach to breathwork. Boy, was he right. Without ingesting anything, I was having psychedelic experiences in his workshop. It was INTENSE...and very profound. It was a bit too much for me, AND Jonathan was able to hold that space for me, guide me gently back to grounding, and he checked in with me over the next few days to make sure I was integrating all right.

As you know, I believe BREATH is everything in terms of soothing and re-training the nervous system...and Jonathan's approach is purely magical alchemy, just as his business name implies.

He is one of 19 experts featured in this summit of spiritual and holistic health care practitioners.

Coming Home to Your Wholeness in the New Year

With Plant Medicine, Spirituality & Holistic Health

This summit includes NO-COST video lessons and free-gifts from each of the presenters. (I'm on there too)


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