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I See Colors

Last week I wrote about how I discovered I can see auras.

This week I’m writing about what those auras look like and how I see them.

I see colors.

And no, I don’t see dead people. But I do see colors. And so much more.

I also see textures, and sounds, and flavors, and scents.

When people ask me “what color is my aura?” I always get a little flustered because trying to describe it, much less draw it, is…well…impossible. Especially because before any words can escape my lips, the vision I’m seeing changing, kaleidoscopically, in drastic ways. I’ve watched my words come out of my mouth and shatter the image into a thousand different images.

But then, when I taught my first mini-yoga class during yoga teacher training in Tulum Mexico, I realized just how powerful my *sight* was.

There were about 50 people in the room, broken into groups of five. We were supposed to teach each other a sequence of three yoga poses, and get feedback from each other on how we taught.

The problem was that there were too many voices in a too small space. When I was in child’s pose I had to strain my ears to discern my teacher’s voice from the nine other teachers in the room speaking to 45 other yoga bodies. It was too much.

As I taught I not only heard and felt the vibrations of all the other teachers in the room, I could SEE them, in various pointed and twisty and shaky an nervous jitters of color ricocheting off each other through the room.

It was chaos and confusion.

I watched the woman next to me, excessively nervous, her words squeaked out of her mouth like squeaky jumpy crickets, and they bounced around her students, never landing anywhere.

I watched the guy on the other side of her, the massage therapist, as his words oozed out of his mouth like sleezy slime and made the four women in his “class” physically recoil from him. I knew his intention was to be soft and squishy, but he came off as sleezy and slimey.

I wanted to take control. I wanted to make sure my students could hear me, and wanted to do what I asked them to do.

So, when I called my first pose, I turned up the volume, and evidently my inner drill sargeant came out. Let’s just say the feedback on my very first ever teaching experience was NOT GOOD.

I certainly didn’t teach a relaxing yoga pose.

But I did learn something about my ability to *SEE*

I learned that I could SEE words as colors, shapes, textures, vibrations, and so much more.

I learned that a yoga teacher’s words can land with their students and visibly change the student’s energy.

I learned that words ARE power.

I spent the next twenty years teaching yoga classes, using every studio as my personal laboratory. I linked my love of poetry and linguistics with my love of yoga, and I experimented with words and sounds and tones and inflections and how they changed how my students received my instructions.

I guess you could say I wasn’t just a yoga teacher.

I was a yoga-pose-leading-linguistic-energy-aura-chakra calibrator.

Years later, I discovered there’s a term for what and how I can *see*. SYNESTHESIA A blending of senses.

I see sounds. I feel scents. I taste textures. I hear flavors. I smell colors.

Living in my body like this is AMAZING…and overwhelming…and while much of my life it was too much to manage, I’ve figured out how to enjoy it, to thrive with it.

That’s my story. You can believe me, or not. I’ll just stay over here tasting all the colors of the musical scales of life.


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