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I looked outside myself...for what only could be found within

In 1986 I was 13 years old when I attended my first personal-growth weekend intensive. For the next 25 years, I was a personal growth junkie. I'm talking full-on addict.

For the better part of my 20s and 30s, I built a collection of personal growth, self-help, and spiritual development books. I didn't have just a shelf for these books, I had a whole bookcase. I'm talking one of those big floor-to-ceiling bookcases that take up most of the wall.

I have spent thousands of hours, and tens of thousands of dollars (maybe even $100K) on spiritual seminars, yoga retreats, shaman trainings, meditation workshops, and more.

  • I've contorted myself into the craziest of pretzel yoga positions, and suffered yoga butt and all the other weird yoga-specific over-stretching injuries.

  • I've sat my tush-to-the-cush in meditation, all the while thinking "am I don't this right? I can't be doing this right? Oh yeah, that really really itches now."

  • I've chanted for hours on end in languages I don't understand while pretending the loud drumming didn't trigger my hyperacusis.

  • I've been buried in wet mud, covered in stone, and bathed in sacred ash (to the point of finding soft grey ash in body parts I don't care to admit)

All of these spiritual "things" made me feel awesome, and amazing, and inspired, and the end of them...scared to go home because I didn't know how to KEEP that amazing feeling in my real-world life. And they never quite lasted, not really, not long-term.

Ironically, every one of those teachers and authors preached the same thing.

The Answers Are Within!

Then, in 2012, I attended my last intensive. I was 39 years old and I went through Eldership Initiation Rites with a West-African shaman. When it was all done, like a true junkie, I looked at my shaman teacher and asked "what's next?"

His answer astounded me.

"You're an elder now. Go be an elder. Mentor others."

And the word MENTOR hit me. It hit me HARD, right in the HEART.

That was the one thing I had been missing all along, I never had a MENTOR. Over my 25+ years of personal growth seeking, I had many teachers. Hundreds of them. But not one MENTOR.

And suddenly, I was an elder, tasked to MENTOR others.


When I got home from Eldership Initiation, I dropped my addiction, cold turkey. I started something I had never done before in quite the same way. I cultivated a deep spiritual practice that was all mine.

And it worked.

And it still works for me.

Every. Single. Day.

So now, my life purpose, my goal, my dream is to provide YOU the MENTORSHIP that I never had. I want to support you as you develop a deep spiritual practice that is ALL YOURS.

As your Sacred Mentor I will listen to your stories, and hold your hand, and ask you the questions, and offer you perspective, and tell you my stories, and encourage you, and guide you, and inspire you, and most of all, help you FIND YOUR OWN ANSWERS WITHIN YOURSELF.


If you've read this far, and you're still intrigued, AND any of these statements below resonate with you, then maybe YOU and I are a mentorship fit. Book a Breakthrough Sacred Mentorship Call with me to find out.

  • You’re an energy sensitive, light-worker, empath, nurturer, care-taker, or loving soul who wants to be of service, help people, and contribute to the higher good.

  • You have a collection of spiritual development and self-help books that inspire and motivate you, but haven't really helped you reach lasting change, AND, you're ready to do the deep work of a disciplined spiritual practice to achieve real results.

  • You've attended weekend workshops or intensive trainings that leave you feeling amazing and deeply inspired, but the effects gradually wear off over time, and you're looking for a sustainable and lasting solution.

  • You've tried, and enjoyed, many different holistic modalities (yoga, meditation, reiki, intuitive readings, acupuncture, etc.) and they all feel good for a short time, but don't really produce the lasting effects you crave.

  • You are spiritually minded and chakra curious, and you're ready to open to the magical and mystical wisdom inside yourself so that you can better help and serve the world around you.


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