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I AM the Gift

Last night, while opening Christmas gifts with my nephew, he took each of the bows off the packages and wore them on himself for a moment. One went on his head like a headband. One went on his neck like a bow-tie.

As the whole family was laughing and snapping pictures, I started hearing these voices inside the laughter.

(yes, sometimes I hear voices inside my head....don't worry, mostly they are the good kind)

The voices echoed in the tiny catching breath moments between the laughs.

They were the memories of voices of people who have thanked me for being in their lives this last year.

Mixed in with those memories were voices of my ancestors (I've added several significant members to my celestial team these last couple years...), cheering me on from the great beyond.

So, this morning, as I share a quiet Christmas morning with my Hobbit and my corgi, Tosha, I took the extra ribbons from wrapping presents and decided to wear them myself, to see if I could activate that cacophony of voices I heard last night).

It worked.

I heard the voices again, but more clearly than I did through the distracted activation of laughter from last night.

Those voices, many of them were YOUR voice, thanking me for the work I do, for being a part of your life, for bringing light to your world.

I am the light.

As are you.

Christmas season, as we emerge from the darkness of the winter solstice (in the northern hemisphere), is about letting those lights inside us shine. The newborn lights in us that have been growing, building, and germinating all year. It's time for them to be born, to shine.

This little light of mine.

I'm gonna let it shine.

Let it shine.

Let it shine.

Let it shine.

Somehow I am blessed with the magic ability to see the hidden and growing lights inside every single being who is willing to have a heart to heart conversation with me, and I fall in love. Every single time.

If you and I haven't had the opportunity to share one of those heart to heart conversations before, perhaps now is the time? Click the link below to book a time to connect.


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