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How we view ourselves is not how others view us.

My Hobbit has a second monitor for his computer that runs a loop of pictures as his screensaver.

This means that I am often confronted with his favorite pictures of me.

Pictures that I personally don't find as beautiful as he does.

Take this image for example. One of Hobbit's favorites. When he first sent it to me, I deleted it. I did not find it flattering.

My hair is in my face. My laugh-lines are in full-on wrinkle mode, and I'm wearing a trench-coat that should've been retired two years prior.

Hobbit keeps teaching me about the beauty he sees in me that I didn't know was there.

And quite often, where he sees beauty, I see flaws.

How we view ourselves is not how others view us.

Hobbit isn't the only one teaching me this.

You are!

A few weeks ago I asked you all to participate in a Heart Research Interview. Those of you who answered my call all described me in ways that match this image...

someone who is wise (wrinkled), and open (smiling), and able to be comfortable in the messiness of things (hair in my face).

Wow. Thank you.

Another one of those "flaws" I thought I had was that I have redesigned my website every 12-18 months. Hobbit pointed out this is another thing he loves about me, my capacity to grow, pivot, and evolve.

Every time I re-did my website in the past, it was a different expression of who I think I am. But, I've never actually asked you, my clients, what YOU see in me. And so, those prior iterations weren't really the best expression of me.

This one is different.

This one is based on what you have told me you see in me, in those Heart Research Interviews and a deep dive into your comments in client session notes from nearly two decades of mentoring sessions.

It took some gentle coaxing (like only and loving hobbit-husband can do), but he convinced me to use this picture as the main image on the homepage of my website.

Hobbit loves this picture too. Grey and all.

He's such a blessing in my world. Showing me to love and value and appreciate the parts of myself I've found ugly before.

There's a deeper kind of beauty when you find it underneath and inside the ugliness. The diamond in the rough.

"You know Owly," Hobbit says to me, "I will always show you the beauty in you that you can't see. And, that's what you do for your clients. You know that right?"

Mind Blown

Do you have "fatal flaws" that you don't like about yourself? Mentorship with me can help you see the beauty in what you think is ugly about yourself and your life.


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