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Full Wolf Moon 1.6.23

Are you caught somewhere in the abyss between future goals and past regrets?

We just turned the corner to the New Year which gets you THINKING about things in the future (new year’s resolutions, future goals and intentions).

AND…we are also dealing with both Mars and Mercury in retrograde, which keeps you FEELING about things in the past.

AND…it’s the WOLF MOON which carries a really powerful punch of animal totem medicine about how you are SHOWING UP in the world.

AND...the full moon this time lands itself in its own home of cozy and comforting Cancer (I’m a Cancerian…and HOME is where it’s at)…which lends itself to HIDING at home.

This full moon energy is tugging at your energy in really interesting ways.

🌀 You feel the push to move forward into the future. (New Year)

🌀 You feel the pull to look back at the past. (Mars & Mercury Retrograde)

🌀 You have the urge to show up in new ways. (Wolf Medicine)

🌀 You have a craving to hide in the safety net of home. (Moon in Cancer)

All of this oppositional energy can feel rather overwhelming on your chakra system.

And remember, the chakras are about BALANCE, and in order to align in balance, you have to play with opposites and figure out how to help them co-exist.

A little of this, and just enough of that.


I’m offering a 9-Month Chakra Immersion Program that is specifically designed to teach you about BALANCE and how to play the gentle boundaries of opposites to find that just right CENTER.

If you want more BALANCE and CENTERING in your life, check it out.


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