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Full Wolf Moon

"This Full Moon will be about what it takes to

connect our deeply personal feelings (Cancer)

with the sea of emotions from everyone else in the entire world (Pisces)."

~Philip Young PhD

This Full Wolf Moon is special to me. It is a Cancer (my sun sign) AND Pisces (my rising sign) full moon. The moon rules Cancer, making it the most powerful moon. And, Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the god of the sea of emotions. As a result, I am a deeply emotional person who recognizes the power of the shadows of things (moon).

I'm an Empath.

Buckle your seatbelts dear Empaths (whether you are Cancer sign or not)... the wolf inside you wants to howl!

Let her howl. Embrace her. Love her. Let her FEEL all the feels.

This Wolf Moon invites you to embrace your greatest fears, explore your biggest vulnerabilities, and heal your deepest wounds so that you can claim your greatest power.

Through nurturing and resilience you can ultimately create a deep inner sense of security and protection so that you can feel empowered around issues of home, family, and emotional health.

When things get intense, and you surrender to it, eventually, on the other side, a great illumination and opening occurs. Perhaps, just maybe, the intentions and visions you have set for 2022 can be brought into full clarity.


If you are an Emotional Empath, and this full moon is triggering you, perhaps you could use some support in finding that internal security and protection (healthy boundaries), and you crave personal empowerment around your home, family, and emotions...

Sacred Mentorship is a deep spiritual process and a holistic and integrated approach to reaching new levels of self- awareness.

▪Practice simple nervous system regulation exercises so that you can feel balanced, peaceful, and calm no matter what triggers you might encounter in life.

(they're easy, and you can do them anywhere)

▪Follow a practical step-by-step process to treat your anxiety and over-sensitivities so that you can feel comfortable in your own skin.

(it's quite possible you will embrace your hyper-sensitivity as your super-power)

▪Develop skills in healthy boundaries and taking care of yourself so that you have the energy and freedom to abundantly spread kindness, peace, and love to others.

(you'll probably even fall in love with yourself over and over again)

▪Identify and break unhealthy relationship patterns of over-giving, over-doing, and over-thinking in your relationships so that you can attract and nurture happy and healthy relationships where you feel secure, loved, supported, and valued.

(you might even attract your perfect partner - if you haven't yet)

▪Learn a simple brain-training practice to get out your head, stop the brain chatter, over-thinking and second-guessing, so that you can trust your intuition and have clarity and confidence in your decisions and your ability to be able to handle whatever happens.

(exercises only take 10-30 seconds each, and they work almost instantly)

▪Connect to the divine within yourself and fully love and accept yourself, even during times of challenge and stress.

(your ancestors are knocking on the closed doors of your heart, it's time you answer)


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