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Full Hunter's MoonLetter 10.9.22

Let's talk about BOUNDARIES.

As a Sensitive Soul, you love, and you love big. You show your love by giving. And just as you love big, you Give BIG.

You are that friend, the one that does the extra.

You drive the extra distance to accommodate for the needs of others. You pay the extra, because it's harder for your friends. You carry the extra work load, because you can.

It's who you are. It's how you work. Your sensitive heart makes it so.

But this month, this FULL HUNTER MOON has triggered all your "what about me?" feels.

You know the ones. the feels where you wish people would notice your extra, and just once (or maybe more than once) give YOU the extra.

Cuz you're tired. Burned out. Over-Extra-ed Out.

And you wonder why all your friends (and/or family) are always taking and never giving back, at least not giving back in the same way you give. Or, you wonder why you haven't attracted that right and perfect partner in your life (and why you keep attracting the takers...) The reciprocation factor simply isn't even.

I've had a lot of clients this last month talk to me about their over-giving tendencies, and that always leads to a conversation about under-receiving...or the inability to receive.

This full moon, the Hunter's Moon, which happened this last weekend is all about showing us these inequities in balance, the unequal giving to receiving quotient.

What I've noticed in that in the last couple weeks leading up to the full moon, I have found myself being much more clear with my boundaries with people. Being much more intentional about what (and especially WHEN) I can give. While I know I have the WHAT to give (and there is always ENOUGH to give) I am being much more intentional in my WHEN to give, because time is NOT as limitless as resources. I am enforcing very clear boundaries around my time.

Here's a few ways I've been taking care of myself that has resulted in a much healthier balance in my relationships.

  • I am not-answering work texts during non-work hours...or if I do answer them...I say "not about later?" and giving them a timeline during work hours.

  • I am carefully guarding my alone time, leaving my phone in another room for a set 30-60 minutes each day, or purposely turning it off and hiding it at the bottom of my bag while walking the dog out in nature.

  • I am *very* choosey about which friends I invite into my home, my personal time, my personal stories, my vulnerable space.

How do I choose. I use a very simple little test. I ask myself how I REALLY feel, and then a take a breath. A full inhalation and a full exhalation. If the inhalation is easier, then I know I am receiving something from the exchange. If the exhalation is easier, then I know I am giving something to the exchange. If the inhalation and the exhalation are equal, then I know the exchange is balanced.

For example, I got a text while I was at my nephew's soccer game with my family. It was from someone wanting my advice . A pre-Hunter-Moon version of me would've answered the text and spent the next 15-30 minutes ignoring my family to deal with this person's issue. The post-Hunter-Moon version of me saw the text, took a breath, felt the exhalation extend longer than the inhalation, and responded to the text by taking a long slow inhalation and then texting back, "I can't now...can we schedule a time to talk on Monday?"

What I've realized is that in the last few weeks as I've found myself setting better boundaries more and more, NEW people are entering my life, or old friends who are really good balanced friends are becoming more prominent in my life...and these people are better balance relationships. When I think of them and breathe, the inhalation and the exhalation are even.

And, the people who cause me to exhale longer than I inhale...they don't seem to be fighting me on the boundaries. They either disappear (ghost me) or they quietly respect the boundaries without question. If you are one of those empaths who has a really hard time with boundaries, and you want to learn better how to choose more wisely...I can help with that on the long term. Book a free consultation with me to see if my Sacred Mentorship Chakra Immersion is right for you.


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