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Empath Energy Report: 6.21.21 Empaths Called to Action

Yesterday was the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. And this Thursday is the Full Strawberry Moon. I spent the entire day yesterday lounging on my sunroom day-bed nursing a nasty sinus-bug. A pretty major detox. Not exactly the funnest way to celebrate the Summer Solstice, one of my most favorite days of the year. I did enjoy the white noise of thunder and rain, and the fresh breezes coming through the screened windows. And, I affirmed to myself throughout the day that a good rain (and cold) is evidence of a good clean detox.

This week's illness is not nearly as bad as the great detox of 2017, but I have been down-for-the-count in ways I don't often feel. I usually only get an allergy sniffle, and tend to rave about my rock-solid immune system. In hindsight, I should've seen it coming. The detox started with a bout of diarrhea last week. (I even wrote about it in last Tuesday's Body Wisdom blog). So I snuggled in, drank lots of fluids, and let myself detox and heal.

I only get sick like this about once every 4-5 years. In retrospect, each time was a detox cleanse from a rather intense period of my life. In 2005 it was after getting a pink-slip ending my career as a high school English teacher. In 2013 my illness marked the end of my marriage. The worst illness I can remember happened over Christmas 2017, marking the end of being a nomad traveller living out of my Prius with my dog.

However, at the end of any ugly period, I always find beauty. In order to find that beauty, I have to shine light on the ugly and dig into it deeper. The gift is somewhere inside those wounds. The end of my school teaching career led me to, well, this amazing life of teaching other things I'm more passionate about. The end of my marriage led me to the LOVE of my life in my Hobbit. The end of traveling led me to committing to a fully online business of writing and mentoring. The best career of my life.

I believe that now, all Empaths and light-workers are being called to action, to harvest the LOVE that is coming out of the pains of the pandemic. Now is the time, and the summer solstice and full strawberry moon are lighting up our path.

Solstice - Everything Comes to Light

As yesterday was the longest day of the year (for the northern hemisphere), that means that the sun stayed above the horizon for the longest, and the moon rose for the shortest amount of time. Couple that with the solar eclipse that happened on the new moon of June 10th, lots of things in our world are quite literally, IN THE LIGHT. Things that were otherwise in the shadows are shining bright. Some things we have ignored, put away, boxed up, or tried to ignore are now saying "pay attention to me!"

I wrote last week that our rose-colored-glasses were pulled off our faces and smashed into tiny pieces. As a result, lots of moods and emotions are coming out as well. While we were all waiting for the dawn to break after the long darkness of the 2020 pandemic, we didn't realize what that fully meant, to see the light again, especially this brightly. This spring has felt a little bit like a too bright light, as we squint our eyes not sure we want to see all the ugliness and mess that had been hidden by the darkness. These last couple weeks have been filled with the illumination of a lot of dark emotions that had stayed otherwise hidden. I think perhaps yesterday's solstice marked the full opening of that light.

No wonder I was happy to feel the rain.

Full Strawberry Moon - Harvesting the Love

This full moon is named both for the strawberry color that the moon often takes at this time of year, but also for the bountiful (yet short) harvest of strawberries that occurs at this time of year as well. Strawberries are considered a fruit of love and passion. (why else do you think chocolate covered strawberries are often dessert for romantic dinners?). This month's full moon spiritually embodies the abundant harvest of love and passion, the magic of living life to the fullest.

What Does This Summer Solstice & Full Strawberry Moon Mean for Empaths?

As Empaths, our job is to process the ugly emotions, churn and turn them into compost so that they can plant and grow into something new and more beautiful. The way we do that is through BIG LOVE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Hmmm...Strawberry passion love!

I believe that this summer solstice has opened up the light to all kinds of ugly things for us empaths to process, and this full moon is showing us that we bring it all to abundantly harvest into the juicy red passionate strawberry harvest of GOODNESS.

We are being called to action. We must love. We must search through the brambles and thorns and find all the strawberry fruit to pluck and provide that juicy goodness to everyone we meet and greet. This is always our task, but it is especially highlighted today.

So go forth. Go love. Love abundantly. Love like it is the last strawberry you will ever eat!


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