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Empath Burnout - Case Study

Emily came to me with a severe case of Empath Burnout.

She had built a successful practice as a therapist. Too successful. She had a full load of high-need clients, and she was GREAT at her job.

It exhausted her.

She had a severe case of Empath Burnout. As a result, she struggled with:

  • Chronic insomnia

  • Haunting nightmares

  • Psychological dependency on sleep medications

  • Lack of quality friendships due to workaholism

  • Self-isolation

  • An ever-present nag of imposter syndrome

  • An incessant self-talk of lack-of-self-worth running a loop in her head

  • A surfacing of ancestral trauma issues (alcoholism, domestic violence, emotional neglect, narcissism, etc.)

  • Significant symptoms of post-traumatic stress

  • Constant anxiety

When I met Emily, she was deep in the throes of the guilt of being a highly sensitive empath working as a therapist with an extremely challenging case load. She took my yoga class and found my yoga class podcasts online. Practicing with me as her virtual yoga teacher gave her some relief. But not engough.

Years later, Emily approached me for mentoring. She had met the man of her dreams, married him, and found herself in the very blessed situation of being able to retire early and live peacefully with a new husband in a beautiful home with acreage in the woods.

But she wasn’t peaceful.

Rather, she moved into her new life carrying a heavy suitcase full of issues.

The stress of her professional career followed her. Nightmares haunted her. Anxiety and PTSD plagued her. Her self-isolation only worsened.

She presented that suitcase to me and said that she wanted to heal the pains of her empath burnout so that she could enjoy and appreciate the blessings of her early-retirement life.

She wanted to:

  • Feel safe in the dark corners of her mind

  • Not be triggered by hearing the names of past clients

  • Not have overwhelming fear

  • Be present in enjoying her place on this planet

  • Enjoy the blessings she has been given

At the end of the program, here are just a few of the things Emily told me about how she has grown and changed…

  • “I am sitting in silence, enjoying the nature, wherever I am. I can sink deeper into a state of peace no matter what I’m doing.”

  • “My sleep is better. My restless leg barely happens anymore. The clicking in my jaw is mostly gone. If any of these things come back, I have the tools to manage them.”

  • “I can reflect on my professional life without anxiety now, without reactivity. I can go days without thinking about my career, and when I do think of it, I can ground myself and stay calm about it.”

  • “I enjoy my relationships more. I enjoy my parents more, and I have a heart meditation tool to use when I do get irritated with them. I am feeling more secure in my marriage. I appreciate my friendships and am finding ways to relax into them.”

  • “I can trust myself more. I am listening to the still small voice, and can reflect rationally. I have let go of my career shame, and now I can fully TRUST that what I did was right in the moment. I accept that now, and I am no longer hard on myself anymore.”

  • “I have a curiosity with Spirit, a playfulness is there. I live life without the questions, but rather I’m just open to the possibilities of what shows up.”

  • “Nothing in my outside world has changed, but the internal state has had this subtle yet phenomenally profound change to be more of an overall state of PEACE.”

If you want to talk with me about Empath Burnout or other symptoms you are having that could be treated with Chakra Alignment, Book your FREE Chakra Reading HERE.


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