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Does Self-Care feel like just another hamster wheel? You need a Unicorn plume!

As a spiritually minded individual, you are very in tune with your body.

you know when something feels distinctly “OFF”

It starts with a general sense of disconnection, or a little feeling of being off-balance, out of alignment

You know you can fall in and out of alignment that’s just part of life,

but sometimes those outs can last for awhile, even well over a year,

heck, the pandemic has disrupted EVERYTHING.

Being unbalanced and the out-of-alignment steals your inner sense of peace and joy because you know you are not living authentically, not being true to all the parts of your being and spirituality.

And, you know what you need to do to get back in balance to retrieve your sense of peace and joy, to return to living authentically and being true to all parts of your being and spirituality.

you have all the resources available to you:

yoga, meditation, journaling, gratitude practice,


sound healing, essential oils, crystals, reiki healing


acupuncture, chiropractics, nutritional supplements,


healthy eating, exercise, water intake,


quality sleep,


(OMG…what a good night’s sleep would do right about now…)



We live in a quick fix society,

and it is overwhelming to piece together



you’re too tired to even do the sitting

The time it would take out of a day just to manage a few of those good-for-you things, much less making sure you get a little bit of them all done...

if you really calculate it all out,

just yoga, meditation, journaling, and healthy food prep

could eat up 3-4 hours...


Who has time for that?

The hamster wheel of life is just too much,

and the self-care to-do list

feels like just another hamster wheel...

so you surrender those two very ugly but also quite familiar monsters of life,

Depression and Anxiety.

They are more than happy to take over.

Cuz the last thing you want to do is call in those impossible friends who tend to be annoying nags.

I’m talking about Discipline and Consistency.


And yet you *know*…Discipline and Consistency are exactly what you need.


It doesn't have to be so hard.

I promise.

I used to be just like this.

I walked hand in hand with Anxiety and Depression for way too long.

(their gnarly fingernails dig and hurt...)

And then I found a way to make friends with Discipline and Consistency

when I asked them to put away the school marm rulers

They showed me a specific protocol

a SIMPLE step-by-step action plan that can

balances my chakras

aligns me back to my center

and reconnects me to my divine source

so that I can remember my peace, calm, and joy

without committing to 30-minute practices 5-days a week

I can show you how,

by retraining your brain,

resetting your nervous system,

and centering yourself in spirit

in just 30-second exercises you do throughout your day,

integrated with your every day habits

I know, even as I type this it feels like a “too-good-to-be-true”

it is a sort of unicorn magic hoodie-scarf with rainbow plume of practices that you have never tried on before.

(and in my experience, it makes you smile like you're trying on said rainbow plume scarf-hoodie because a man you call Hobbit asked you to)

This protocol does require that you invite Discipline and Consistent (and Commitment) back to your table.

It does take work, but it’s different kind of work than you’ve done before.

It's a unicorn rainbow plume kind of self-care practice.

If this sounds like you, and you are ready to commit to trying something innovative and different, and committing to making lifestyle changes that last, book a Chakra Alignment Sacred Mentorship Discovery call with me by clicking the link below.


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