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Ask for HELP

In 2022, I did something that went way against my natural norm.

It was REALLY uncomfortable.

Something I'd resisted for a very long time.

I'd even determined myself "uh-help-able" because I had "asked" for help so many times and been too resistant to the support offered.

But this year, I asked for help.

Not just a little thing,

but a BIG thing.

I paid big money

(way more than I thought I could afford)

which meant I was really committed to receiving the help.

I hired a spiritual business coach.

And I paid her for a year of coaching (her ticket price was almost the same amount of money I had earned in all of 2021...big gulp).

She told me I needed to put aside what I thought I knew after 15+ years in business and hit the reset button. She suggested I surrender and do everything she suggested.

She suggested I work with

✅ True Will Astrologer coach

✅ Vocal Transformation coach

✅ Neurolinguistic Processing coach

So I did.

More 🤑

More surrender. More HELP.

And because I agreed to surrender to the beginner's mind, and I got curious about what these people might see that I could not see...

I grew.

I changed.

I evolved.

I expanded.

And I reached a new level I had only dreamed of being possible.

What's so beautiful is that when I ask the graduates of my Sacred Mentorship Program how I helped them, they all say that I gave them a bigger vision to see what they could not see and helped them reach new levels for themselves.

[btw - I earned back (more than triple) what I paid all the coaches.]

p.s. I've been told I'm pretty good at seeing what you can't see for's part of that whole "chakra reading" skill I have. If you're the least bit curious, let me show you what I see.


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