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Are You Hiding in Your Empath Hole?

I've found myself in the last two weeks spending more and more time like this. Curled up with my favorite sweater, a cozy homemade afghan, and my puppy. I'm not necessarily sleeping, but I am resting.

And working.

I'll explain that a bit more later.

And this is not just because I have a new puppy who likes to nap. She actually prefers to nap alone and doesn't last long cuddled like this.

That said, as an empath, 2020 has been extremely difficult. I mean, come on, as an empath sometimes normal everyday life is extremely difficult. But 2020 has been intense beyond my comprehension. I've had to tune out the news entirely, and yet I still FEEL.

I feel the full moons and the new moons days before and day after they happen. I feel the rioting and looting as if they are happening on my street (and in May they WERE happening on my street). I feel the anxiety and stress of every person I see. I can hear it in the voices of anyone I hear speak.

Let's face it, us empaths are on stimulation overload. Resulting in many of the things I have been blogging about this year: insomnia, pain, exhaustion, fatigue, extreme hunger and lack of appetite, and a heightened awareness of unexplainable moodiness.

And now, in the last two weeks, I've been feeling the need to HIDE. To dig into my little hole and not come out, at all. Not that I wish another quarantine or stay-at-home order on any of us. But I am craving my own sort of stay-at-home boundary for myself right now. This is not because I am avoiding all my empath feels or recovering from empath hangover. I've long since surrendered to that being the new normal for 2020 and found ways to function.

No, I think I am hiding in my empath hole now because I am BUSY! I am very busy WORKING on the energetic and spiritual levels. A friend of mine posted a meme last week about WWIII being a spiritual one. I do believe we are in the midst of a spiritual world war. There is so much changing and shifting and transforming happening on our planet and there is this tug of war among a zillion different factions fighting to say "this is the kind of world we should have"...and all those factions seem to think they cannot coexist. So they fight.

As an empath, light worker, spiritual teacher, healer, whatever you want to call it, I am busy holding the anchor strings in the belief that ALL factions can peacefully coexist. That the new world order is as Eckhart Tolle said decades ago, a peaceful planet. We can live and let live. We can appreciate diversity, and celebrate multiplicity. We can agree to disagree and be better for it. Holding those strings is tiring when everyone else is trying to rip them from me in a tug of war. I'm not fighting. I'm just affirming everyone. All sides.

My work, the work of an empath, it doesn't look like work. In fact, it looks like the opposite. I looks like laziness. Apathy. It is lying on the couch. It is being still. It is not wavering. It is sitting down, being steady and still and firm and solid and staying in that still small space until the chaos settles down and recognizes that that still small space is actually more expansive than we all could ever imagine.


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