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Are you a Reactive or a Responsive Empath?

Are you a reactive empath?

or a responsive empath?


⚡️ You are easily triggered by any number of mundane little things.

🔥 You take things way too personally, even if it really didn't have anything to do with you.

😡 You get so angry you want to BREAK THINGS, and sometimes that’s the only relief. 😫 You get irritated and annoyed by the tiniest things that shouldn’t upset you.

😭 You cry without even knowing why.

You know what it's like to feel other people's not-nice feels, and you don’t want other people to have to deal with your not-nice feels, so you HOLD THEM ALL IN. (until you can’t hold anymore…and then BOOM 💣)

the key here is HOLDING.

But many of those not-nice feels aren’t even yours!

It took me figure out that these over-sensitive reactions were all because I was holding in a ton of emotions that I was absorbing as an EMPATH.

Then I learned that my job as an empath is to absorb those feels from other people and to PROCESS THEM…to compost them…to CHANGE THEM!

duh (insert face palm 🤦🏻‍♀️)

An EMPATH isn’t meant to HOLD emotions.

An EMPATH’s job is to move emotions, and change them.


When an Empath learns how to TRANSMUTE and ALCHEMIZE all the not-nice feels, they serve the world in a far greater way.

Rather than adding to the not-nice feels of the world by ricocheting them in your own over-sensory grown-up form of temper tantrums, you actually learn how to feel the feels, move them through you, and give out bigger goodnesses to the world.

Here’s what I mean…

You encounter a person who is spilling all their inner uglies all over everywhere.

As an empath, you absorb those uglies with all levels of empathy and compassion.

You soothe the person by feeling their feels WITH them.

Validating them.

Affirming them.

And that validation and affirmation alchemically transmutes those ugly not-nice feels into much nicer feels of calm, release, and ultimately…you guessed it…LOVE 💖💞

This is how a RESPONSIVE EMPATH works.

So the question is…how do you go from being a REACTIVE EMPATH to being a RESPONSIVE EMPATH?

That’s where chakra balancing and alignment comes in.

You see, your chakras ARE your nervous system…and your body’s ability to process energy and feels.

Your chakras are like energetic muscles. They need to be exercised, so they can appropriately lift the heavy weights of emotions and change them and move them into new ways of being.

Once you learn the chakra tricks and start exercising them the right way, you can activate these balancing energies anywhere, anytime.

No fancy expensive essential oils or crystals or sage or singing bowls required.

Just you, your breath, your mind, and your body…all in alignment.

If you are a candidate to become a RESPONSIVE EMPATH who works to transmute the uglies into pretties in this world...the first step is to book a no-cost chakra reading with me to get an understanding of how your chakras work and how they need exercise.

it's free.

what have you got to lose?

another blow-up explosive temper tantrum?

book here.


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