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Aleshia - Recover from Job Loss

I reached out to Teri in October 2020 after losing my job. Wanting to move forward and get rid of the past heartbreak, to improve my ability to take the next steps in homeschooling, starting my own business, improving relationships with family and friends and life in general.

I had my first session on Nov. 2nd 2020. I had laryngitis so bad I was worried she would never be able to hear me over the phone. But she took me on anyway. I whispered my way through the first session. She listened. She listened. She listened. And as I whispered the more I thought to share. I cannot tell you how much just being able to talk without interruption, without questions, without judgment did for my broken heart. And that jump started the healing that day. Sometimes you just need to dump. And I know she listened because I received an email an hour later, with every word I spoke in it.

I took her guidance and exercises seriously. The goal was to get through this by the time my last severance check was delivered Jan. 8th 2021. Within a month things changed quickly for me. Things I didn't expect. I was off anti anxiety and BP medication. (this was my choosing with the guidance of a MD). My awareness of where my mind liked to spend time improved and I was better at turning my turmoil and frustrations into production. Teri taught me how to change myself from the inside out. It really wasn’t difficult, it was commitment to wanting change and following her “rules”. Her confidence, honesty, and connection helped me turn myself back into the person I wanted to be. I could go into more details, but you should see for yourself!

It is now Jan. 11th 2021. I am officially disconnected from my past employment. I am on a physical and spiritual overhaul with my finances. I have a better ability to keep my cool and teach my children. I have removed toxic relationships from my life and am working on repairing important ones. I am still off my medication, and I am now head first into starting my business. Don’t get me wrong, it's not magic and I still have to use the skills I learned EVERYDAY. But I have the power back, and looking forward to having Teri help me with my business endeavors. Thank you Teri for always being there, and helping myself and others take back what is theirs


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