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A Tick-Tock of Mattering

Have you attended one of those mind-blowing life-changing chakra balancing workshops?

The kind that include: •An elaborate grid of multi-colored crystals and stones. •A magical botanical blend of essential oils. •The echoing chimes of singing bowl vibrations. •A vibrant and vivid guided meditation journey

I've led a few of these in my time

And if you did, you probably walked away with this immense sense of euphoria tingles and zingles of zizzles and zaps spewing all over the everywhere.

but I don't teach those anymore.

there are plenty of other teachers out there to lead you through those kind of adventures

and I've never been one to be like everyone else.... (heck, I'm married to a Hobbit who suggests I I wear tinfoil hats around the house)

What I teach now, it isn't sexy, or fancy, or flashy, or even a tiny bit sassy.

You might even say my chakra work is rather ordinary... perhaps even extra—ordinary.

My chakra work is about doing tiny normal ordinary things that matter

a tick-tock of mattering

time and time and time and again

with intention and purpose and mindfulness

You see, the greatest magick lives in a simple heartbeat a rhythm a pace as natural and methodical as a breath in and a breath out.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” ~Aristotle

There is a way to balance your chakras, to feel more connected and aligned with your divine Truth…by just tuning your chakras with your breath, your body, and your intention.

Every. Single. Day. Many. Many. Many. Times. A. Day.

It’s easy. Easy-Peasy.

Are you chakra curious now? Book a Discovery Call with me to learn more.


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