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A Dog Saved My Life

Tuesday Tales

Sunday was this little one's "gotcha day" two-year anniversary. Two years since Tosha teased her way into our hearts.

and yep, the day we went to the hobby farm to pick her up, we caught her red-nosed, sniffing the balls of Smudge the Dalmation...ever curious about all things in life.

True story.

before our first date, I told the Hobbit that I will always share my life (and my bed) with a dog...and if he didn't like that fact, he might as well move on to the next online dating profile.

Here's why.

When I was 23 years old I was diagnosed with depression and prescribed Prozac. At the time, doctors and psychs habitually didn't mention that one of the lesser known side effects of prozac is suicidal ideations.

For me, that side effect was nearly deadly.

I took prozac, and less than 45 minutes later, I was driving in the dark, down the wrong side of a backwoods Wisconsin country road. Going way too fast.

The semi truck honked. I stayed in the wrong lane. Until I thought of the dog I had left at home asleep on my bed. I couldn't leave her without her breakfast the next morning. So I veered into the ditch.

Thanks to a schipperke named Miss Tique, I lost a hub cab that night, and nothing else.

Well, I lost one more thing. My willingness to take any kind of anti-depressant ever again.

25 years and several family dogs later, Tosha reminds me every day how to LIVE the little things in life.


I've been pharmaceutical free (save the once-in-a-rare-while ibuprofen to cut the fever) for well over 20 years. I've learned how to breathe, exercise, diet, and mindfulness my way through any need for medications.

If you've been prescribed SSRIs and are hesitant to take them, book an initial consult with me and I can help you determine if my pharmaceutical-free protocol could work for you.

disclaimer, this is not a quick fix. It's a committed and disciplined practice to everyday mindfulness and wellness. it's hard work, and the results are phenomenal!


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