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A Daily Abundance Practice

A friend of mine recently sent me a gold coin with an OWL on it.

As you know, I love love LOVE owls. My Hobbit husband’s pet name for me is Owleigh.

Tracing the shape of the owl with my fingernail, I affirm to myself that an owl (me) deserves all the gold (abundance) of life. It's my little-mini-daily-personal manifestation prayer.

It’s working.

Last month, my business coach told me I needed to charge more. Gasp. (I have not raised my rates…never…not once…in over 15 years).

She said that if she didn’t know me, she would think I’m a baby in my biz. Gulp. (I’m a 15yr master/veteran of my craft charging 25% of my cohorts)

She said my rates are the reason I’ve been stuck in scarcity for so long. Hard Swallow. (I took great pride in my “affordable prices”).

That jagged little pill hurt. Because she is RIGHT. (It's time to manifest Abundance at a new level.)

For the better part of my career, I barely made ends meet. (past tense) Sometimes not even having a home of my own. (living In a backyard faerie cottage tiny home was quite an awesome experience)

I convinced myself it was good for me. to be a minimalist to be frugal to value quality over quantity to be less materialistic

And, I’m glad I learned that lesson, even if I did have to learn it the hard way. (the really hard way, for a really long time)

My business coach said that I can do what I love AND make (a lot of) money doing it.� (gee, she sounds like me, talking to my clients).

She suggested I create a program combining everything I am passionate about. (chakras, yoga, neuroscience, brain-training, linguistics, shamanism, etc.)

So I did.

It’s a simple step-by-step system AND a deep spiritual process. (…yes, I recognize the oxymoron here…)

It’s a pretty awesome program…you should check it out.

My coach pushed me to put a sticker price on it that felt a bit “stretchy” So I did.

And she told me to ask you, my clients, what you think. So I did.

I showed this program to 25 of you and asked you, “do you see the value of the investment in this program?”

and you said…

Yes....(gulp) Of course....(Really?!) Absolutely....(WOW!) Definitely....(Heck YEAH!!)

These 25 amazing people told me This PROGRAM is AWESOME! (I'm really proud of it.)

I’ve been developing this spirit-technology and fine-tuning it for the better part of the last decade. The clients who have enrolled already are experiencing more profound results than I ever imagined, far more than what I’ve seen in the past with the one-off and occasional check-in sessions I’ve been doing for years.

Goodbye scarcity. Hello prosperity.

(I have since named the owl on the gold coin “Prosperity”)

And so it is.

Yes, thank you!


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