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5 Reasons You Need a Home Yoga Practice


The average dedicated yogi spends over $1200 a year on yoga. That's $100/month. You can cut that to less than $30/month by practicing at home and going to class occasionally.


The answers lie within. Any yoga teacher worth their yoga mat will tell you this. The absolute best (and really ONLY way) to find the answers you have inside yourself is to stop worshipping teachers as authorities and start practicing by yourself, and listening to yourself. Trust me, it's much easier to hear your inner still small voice if you don't have a yoga teacher's voice (and playlist) drowning it out.


In class, poses are often held either too long or not long enough. When you practice by yourself, you get to play by your own rules and your own timing. Plus, taking a class (when you count commute and shower time) can consume 2-4 hours out of your day. A home practice is as long as you want it to be (or as long as you have time for).


Let's face it, in any given class, a pose will be called that your body doesn't like. And, you're busy listening to the teacher tell you what you are supposed to feel. In a home practice, you can take the time to actually listen to your own body and feel what you feel. You can stop trying to feel what you are "supposed to feel" and start actually understanding what your body is saying to you. And, you won't ever be pushed to do anything that doesn't feel right.


If you are a yoga teacher, the absolute BEST way to enhance and improve your teaching is to build your home practice (and not with podcasts and video streamed classes). You will stop parroting the words of all the teachers you have had and start finding your OWN VOICE. The discoveries you make on your own are the most authentic, and the best received by your students.


You're a big Alice in Wonderland fan, like me, and you are super curious about how my literary mind, creative imagination, and yoga wisdom all fit into one super adventurous package. It'll be worth it. I promise!

  • Special discount pricing ends June 1st.

  • Monthly payment options available.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


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