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40 Years of Quiet Friendship

Tuesday Tales

I look at this picture and see myself as a 10 year old.

The first day of school in 4th grade I met Heather, who would become my longest forever friend. She called me after school and invited me over to play. Two introverts who didn’t fit in with the other kids. We built lego houses for hours. Side by side. Barely talking. Enjoying each other’s energy.

We spent the next 8 years inseparable. In 6th grade when her garage was covered in ketchup by some mean kid, we cleaned it up in silence and never discussed it. In middle school. When I was attacked by a bully after a football game, she didn’t ask me to talk about it. In high school, she read War and Peace while I read Les Miserables…in one weekend.

Somehow, we both knew that putting energy on the painful parts of being bullied wasn’t worth our time. Instead, we focused on each other, and all the good things in our quiet friendship.

we were the odd introverted smart girls who blew the grading curve in school.

We don’t go to high school reunions.

We call each other every few months and remember what forever friendship is about.

Ten was a good age.

Ten was when I started developing my throat chakra. Heather helped me find nonverbal ways to express myself. Heather taught me how to listen without talking. Heather taught me how to hold space with energy.

We are coming up on 40 years of quiet friendship.


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