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3.18.22 Full Worm MoonLetter

I woke up a few days ago with the tiny knot in my stomach. It felt just like a seed that has been buried, but hasn’t quite yet germinated.

It’s ready to split open, just waiting for the soil to warm up enough, and for the critters under the soil to stir it up enough to make it a place where it can grow and eventually burst above the soil….

The knot is still there today, several days later, and I can feel it, just on the verge~

...of a MASSIVE shift…

It’s been a long winter here in the United States. We endured another covid variant. We survived unprecedented winter storms that ravaged the south and east United States in places that aren't used to snow and ice.

We have hoped for spring and a post-covid "new normal" only to be met with a global war.

I can only surmise that this knot in my gut is my body reminding me that a full moon, the spring equinox, and Easter are near, all bringing spiritual promise of this long awaited SHIFT.

According to the Farmer's Almanac March's Full Moon is named the Worm Moon, for the obvious reason that earthworms and beetle larvae (a different kind of worm…aka “grubs”) appear in March, bringing robins and other birds back to feed as a sign of spring.

Those worms and beetle larvae are the critters stirring up the soil, preparing for the seeds of spring flowers and foliage to split, sprout, and emerge.

Aristotle called the earthworms the “intestines of the earth” because they eat, digest and TRANSFORM all the garbage into precious compost that nourishes plants for new growth.

At the same time, these same earthworms and grubs come out of the soil in the spring and surrender themselves as food for the birds, who help in turn, work to pollinate the flowers and plants.

If the grubs aren’t eaten, these persistent, intelligent, and strong little critters go through a a complete metamorphosis, similar to that of a butterfly.

A wise woman once said to me, “when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it is a beautiful process that can't be comfortable.”

Perhaps, your life this last winter has been like that of a beetle larva.

You persisted with strength, through some extremely tough times…maybe even longer than just this last season. Nothing seemed to go in your favor.

You worked HARD to eat and digest the garbage and crap of the world. A thankless job. And now, the beetle larvae are emerging from under the surface of the soil and tree barks at this time of the full moon to tell you:

▪stay strong
, be persistent, and keep working

▪slow down and take your time, be patient as there is no need to force things

▪what you might have gone through already 
has just not yet come into full realization!▪Your efforts will be rewarded with success soon.
You just need to stick through all of this for some more time before realizing what you have been waiting for for so long.

Are you feeling a "squeezing" or "contraction" in your life? Almost ALL of my current clients have reported feeling intense "squeezing" in their lives this week, much like the pressure a seed must feel just before it is about to split open, or the discomfort a beetle pupae must feel when going through the metamorphosis process to become a full beetle.

I've reminded them all, as I'm reminding you now, before every great EXPANSION, you must first go through an equal contraction.

If you are feeling the contraction (and it is intense)

and you are thinking to yourself that you are not enough because it's all too much more than any one person could handle alone

...but you should be enough... ...and you should be able to handle this by yourself... ...and you should....should....should....

I invite you to stop should-ing on yourself, and remember that the earthworms and grubs don't do it alone.

They work with each other in concert with the birds and the plants and the trees. They participate as one element in a massive symphony we call Mother Earth.

You don't have to go through this great contraction and metamorphosis and gemination process all alone.

In fact, you shouldn't do it all alone.

You need Support. Guidance. Mentorship. Encouragement. Affirmation. Validation. Insight. Compassion. Love.

I invite you to consider Sacred Mentorship to support you through this MASSIVE SHIFT.

Book a call with me today to get the support you NEED.

Here is what a few of my clients have shared with me in gratitude as a result of the support they received this week...

"I am definitely feeling hyper sensitive to everything right now. Feeling all the feels!! Thanks for sharing your insight on possibly why. Thank you, truly, for that other perspective on my situation...that creates a freedom in my body and spirit."

"Thank you...The world is still chaotic, but I feel internally a vibe that’s new. It’s good."

"Good morning. I am good. I am 95% of the time good! Driving to work this morning, acknowledged how happy I am and how “happy” is my center. It’s been a few months of being in a “doing” mode that has recently shifted."


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