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Two Healthy Boundary Hacks for Dealing with Toxic People and Energy Vampires

I have a couple toxic people in my life. We all do. You know the type, the energy vampires who suck your life force energy. Let's call them Uncle Dons. Just being in their presence is exhausting. Uncle Dons talk too much, and don't ever really have a point, except maybe to insult, accuse, or start a fight. They make excessive demands on our energy, and don't comprehend any version of NO. Uncle Dons comments are always crude, insulting, offensive, and harsh. They refuse to even try to understand how sensitive we are and expect us to just adapt. These are the people we do our best to avoid, and usually they are attracted to us like magnets. We can't entirely stay away, so we need self-protection tools. Most of the healthy boundary tools are completely ignored by Uncle Dons, so we have to get sly. These two healthy boundary hacks are things you can do in the moments you are dealing with Uncle Dons, and they don't ever have to know. (Buy the Online Cleaning Breath Mini Course or Become a Member to read the full article)


Probably the easiest and most effective way of establishing, maintaining, and asserting healthy emotional boundaries with toxic people is by a simple change in how you are breathing.


Your second line of defense against toxic people and energy vampires is WATER.

Drink Water

If you have access to drinking water at the time you are dealing with toxic people and energy vampires, you can effectively DILUTE their energy by drinking water, and breathing the cleansing breath between sips.

Wash Them Off

After the encounter, as soon as possible, go wash your hands. If it was a particularly difficult encounter, then wash your face. And if you feel really affected, take a shower. As you wash, do the cleansing breath and affirm to yourself that their energy is going down the drain.


If you are dealing with a particularly challenging Energy Vampire or Toxic Person in your life, I recommend you Book an Appointment for mentoring with me for a deeper process in creating healthy boundaries for yourself.

If you particularly liked this lesson, the next step would be to learn the full Focused Breathing Technique


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