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The Surprisingly Simple Solution to Over-Giving (A Heart Chakra Balancing Trick)

Over-Giving and Over-Doing for others is one of the biggest problems my clients bring to me.


The heart chakra is directly connected to the energy of the heart and lungs...which are the vital organs of giving and receiving. All they do all day long is take in and give away.

Are you an inhaler? (over-taker)

or an exhaler? (over-giver)

Naturally, over the course of the day, you will inhale more than you exhale...and then your breathing will flip and you will exhale more than you inhale. Think of it like the circadian rhythms of your breath.

Energetically, we inhale more when we are receiving, and we exhale more when we are giving.

If you are an over-giver or a care-taker, and you don't balance your over-giving with some level of receiving, this can be an energetic heart chakra imbalance problem.

Most of my clients have difficulty with their heart chakra receiving muscles.

If you give and give and give, you end up depleted, exhausted, fatigued.

The most practical solution to this problem is so simple and so common sense, it usually results in a face-palm moment. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Balance your BREATH.

Breathe IN

And, that is much easier said that done.

If you are an over-giver, you'll find that your exhalation is SOOOO much easier to extend than your inhalation.

But if you take EVEN breaths for 5-10 breaths at a time SEVERAL TIMES A DAY, you can exercise your lungs and train your heart chakra to receive.

This is just one of many ways to balance your heart chakra and teach yourself to receive. If you are an over-giver and over-care-taker (or even a people-pleaser)...I invite you to join my 9-month chakra immersion starting January 19, 2023. That program is filled with people like you, and will help you understand how you developed these over-giving traits, and how you can gradually and easily shift them so that you can experience the full abundance of life.


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