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The best and quickest CORE CHAKRA exercise to treat the "I'm-not-enough" blues.

As an Empath or HSP, you are constantly bombarded with the energy of other people. (those nasty energy vampires)

And when you deal with too much of that energy, it gets draining, exhausting, overwhelming, depleting...

need I say more?

After a good case of empath fatigue and exhaustion, you can end up with an even bigger case of imposter syndrome, self-doubt blues, and "I'm not enough" icks.

All of which is a result of a beaten and battered core chakra (solar plexus).

The core chakra, MANIPURA is the PRECIOUS GEM of your body. The center core of your Self (capital S) that manages your self-worth, your identity, your independence, your empowerment, your strength, and your uniqueness.

Here is the quickest and fastest way to re-fuel your core chakra after a big case of empath fatigue.

It has to do with learning how to HUG yourself from the inside out. That means learning about the core muscles of your body.

I'm sorry to tell you that your fitness trainers have been lying to you.

Your abs and your obliques are not your core muscles.

Sure, they live in your mid-section, but they aren't at your CORE...closest to your spine.

Your CORE muscles are your PSOAS muscles...a group of rope like muscles that start at the top of your thigh, thread through your pelvis, and attach to every vertebra of your lower spine up to your ribcage...where they weave together with your DIAPHRAGM.

These are the muscles that stabilize almost everything for you, from your CORE.

These true CORE muscles embrace the Precious Gem (manipura) of your Core Self, your core chakra.

When you learn to align and exercise these muscles, you learn how to HUG YOURSELF from the inside out...which means you learn to love yourself, embrace your worth, empower your strength, and believe and ACT in your own best interest.

Try this

  1. let your belly get soft and saggy

  2. engage your core muscles tight and strong

  3. find the middle - not saggy, not over tight...just a nice EMBRACE of your core

  4. hold that

  5. breathe deep

  6. repeat to yourself "I am Enough!" for five breaths

  7. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 20X today, and 20X tomorrow, and 20X the next day. and...and...and...

comment on this post (or reply to my email) with how this worked for you.


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