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Sensitivity is a Super Power - Preface

Over the last few years, the labels introvert, HSP (highly sensitive person), and empath, have become increasingly popular in blog-land and social-media-world, as well as catch-phrases in the psychology industry. An overabundance of quizzes, memes and listicles about introverts, HSPs, and empaths offer almost too many opportunities for the average person who experience hyper-sensitivity to self-diagnose. There is also an abundance of psychological, scientific, and clinical research on the terms as well.

Solutions for Sensitives are typically spiritually focused

As someone who checks all the boxes in all the self-quizzes and listicles of traits for all three categories, I found too much overlap and cross-over within those quizzes and listicles. When I went looking for solutions to manage my sensitivities, these blogs and posts inevitably led me to pages heavily laced with words like psychic, intuitive, astrology, and more woo-woo stuff telling me which crystals, essential oils, pagan rituals, affirmations, visualization, guided meditations, yoga poses, and astrological explanations might help me.

They left me with more questions and less answers. Am I an introvert or an HSP? Or am I just an empath? Can I be all three? What’s the difference? Why do many empaths run in the circles of psychics and astrologers? What is the actual science behind these terms? Is there a physiology that contributes to the psychology?

I wanted something PRACTICAL!

There's a biological & neurological science to being SENSITIVE

The bottom line, I wanted to understand WHY so that I could know WHAT to do about it. And perhaps most importantly, what can I do about it, on practical, actionable, physical levels?

Random blogs and social media posts weren’t enough for me to really understand these labels for myself, especially from a practical and scientific perspective. My over-thinking deep curiosity led me down a deep rabbit hole of research. In addition to the blogs and social media pages, I found journal articles, psychological studies, neuroscience research, medical journals, clinical trials and more.

This deep-dive research was highly complex, and the information was extremely difficult to comprehend. On top of that, every article or study led me deeper into an entirely different yet intricately related subject. I found myself studying anatomy, physiology, human biochemistry, neuro-science, hormone reactions, nervous system function, linguistics, and so much more.

My guess is that you are also an introvert whose brain spins in similar circles and spirals and loop-de-loops. You are also curious about the sensitivity of Introverts, HSPs, and Empaths. Your curiosity is personally driven because you’ve lived the struggles and challenges as well as the blessings and charms of being a sensitive individual. Perhaps your curiosity isn’t sated by the fluff of blog articles and social media posts. You crave a deeper analysis. Most importantly, you yearn for practical solutions that are based in science (that aren’t just the stock answer of yoga and meditation).

Simple & Practical Solutions That Work

My aim is to simplify the research and provide simple and practical solutions that work to people who live with sensitivities. These solutions work because I’ve tried them on myself, tested them with my clients, and evaluated the results. My hope is that you will enjoy my stories and simple explanations of how your body and brain work, and that you can learn to manage your sensitivity and make it work for you as it has for me.


If you are an Introvert/HSP/Empath or simply SENSITIVE, and the woo-woo spiritual solutions aren't cutting it for you, book a mentoring appointment to learn simple and practical solutions that work with your nervous system and hormone balance.

Wondering where to start? The first lesson is in FOCUSED BREATHING. Take this course and see how your world changes in just a couple of days.


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