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Be a Hero, not a Villain ~ Use Your Sensitivity Super Powers for Good not Evil

"With great power comes great responsibility"

Peter Parker (Spiderman)

Introverts with super-thinking skills, and HSPs with super-sensing skills, and Empaths with super-feeling skills all have one skill in common: SENSITIVITY.

Introverts have hyper-sensitive brain function

HSPs have hyper-sensitive nerve function

Empaths have hyper-sensitive hormone function

If you identify with one or more of these labels, inevitably you have been called "too sensitive" sometime in your life, and that sensitivity has interfered with your every day function. As children, we were socially awkward, shy, and our sensitivity tics made others view us as weird.

But what if you embraced your sensitivity as a super-skill, and you learned how to manage it, and use it to your advantage? It's the classic super-hero coming of age story. Peter Parker didn't know he had any special skills, but then he got bit by a spider. While the radioactive spider venom gave him super-hero abilities, he needed to draw on his sensitivities within his Introvert/HSP/Empath super-powers to serve the greater community as SpiderMan. He was a nerdy science geek who didn't have many friends, was somewhat bullied for being sensitive, and knew great pain (when his Uncle Ben died). He certainly fits the bill for introvert/HSP/Empath.

His spider sense (is tingling) is a kind of way of perceiving danger in the threads of the world around him. Invisible to most people, he senses danger before it happens and according to some fandom pages it is a “precognitive” ability that allows him to avoid physical danger and fight opponents even when he has no actual combat training. Spiderman is an Introvert/HSP/Empath who uses both those hyper-sensitive skills and his super-powers to save the people.

In all the comic book super-hero stories, the villains are depicted as characters who have super-hero abilities, but use them for the wrong reasons, because they are selfish, greedy, or hyper-defensive. At the same time, the heroes are those who use their super-powers for the good of others, out of compassion and EMPATHY. A deeper dive into the psychology of super-heroes, most, if not all, of them are introverts with highly sensitive tendencies (HSPs) and have a deep sense of compassion and empathy (Empaths).

Perhaps all super-hero villains are introvert/HSP/Empaths who are mis-directing their powers for selfish purposes (of self-preservation), and the heroes are introvert/HSP/Empaths who use their powers for the better of others. Perhaps when we get overly sensitive, overly defensive, and overly dramatic about our sensitivities that we socially isolate and self-protect too much, we are denying the great responsibilities we hold in our super-powers! We become villains instead of heroes. But, if we learn to embrace our super-powers and use them to help and support the greater good of the community, we become heroes instead of villains.

So what exactly is this responsibility we hold within our sensitivity super-powers?

It is to connect the community and remind the people that compassion and love are the greatest power of all.

As Introverts, we think more, so our super-power is to show the world that everything, absolutely EVERYTHING comes back to love.

As HSPs, we sense more, so our super-power is to show the world the fullness of life, the expansive awareness of EVERYTHING. Our job is to show people what they don't know is there.

As Empaths, we feel more, so our super-power is to help the world feel and heal from anything and everything.

In short, we all absorb and process. We take in the outside world, churn it around and process it deeper than the majority of people on the planet. THEN, we spit it back out to the world as LOVE. We are the love recyclers. Our purpose is to absorb, process, and CHANGE INTO LOVE. This is why we are all so super passionate about social justice issues.

In order to make sure we are heroes and not villains, we need to BE MINDFUL of our sensitivities. If we allow our sensitivities control us, we can quickly become villains of the world. But if we listen to our sensitivities, and work with them, and even somewhat control them, we become heroes. The ONLY way to effectively control our sensitivities is through mindfulness.


If you are an Introvert, HSP and/or Empath who needs to learn MINDFULNESS to control your sensitivities, BOOK an APPOINTMENT with me. I've been there, where my sensitivities controlled me, and I became a villain. But I figured out how to tame my energies and use them for good. Let me Mentor You.

The best path to MINDFULNESS is through BREATH. Learn the most effective mindful breathing technique. Take the Focused Breathing Online Course.


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