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MINDFUL Monday - The Power of a Secret


Don’t tell.

My friend Julie and I have a Super Secret Master Plan that could change the shape and experience of all humanity.

And, we need your help.

But first, you have to promise that you won’t tell anyone. But rather, we ask that you agree to be an active participant in showing them how it works.

If you tell, the secrets lose their power.

It’s like that childhood game of telephone. Each person who hears a secret mis-hears something and messes up the message. By the time you get six or seven degrees of separation from its source, the secret has completely lost its core meaning.

If you show people, the secret actually gains in power and grows.

It’s like a massive chain reaction. Imagine a room full of mousetraps, and each mousetrap has a glitter covered ping pong ball on it. If you show someone your secret, you set off the first mousetrap, which sends your ping pong ball flying, sprinkling your glitter everywhere. Then your ping pong ball sets off the mousetraps of all the people you show, and those ping pong balls bounce around sprinkling glitter and setting off more mousetraps, triggering even more bouncing and glitter. In no time at all the room is filled with bouncing ping pong balls spreading happy glitter all over everywhere.

That’s the magic of showing someone a secret rather than telling them.

Next time you are tempted to tell a secret, whether it is your own secret or someone else's, take a moment, take a breath and ask yourself, "is there a way to SHOW them instead?" Because people will remember how they FELT far more than they remember anything you SAID. Can you find a way to give them an EXPERIENCE that they will FEEL?

The Super Secret Master Plan to Unleash Human Super Powers

As human beings, we all have a Super Power inside us. Mostly, we hold it tight. Some rare individuals unleash it all the time. Some people share it in small controlled doses. But mostly, people hold their super powers tight, sometimes too tight. Like a set mouse trap. If we keep the secret, the trap stays locked, inactive. If we tell the secret, it's like a mouse stealing the cheese without getting caught in the trap, or the ping pong ball rolling off the trap without any bounce. But if we show the secret, our Super Power gets triggered, the ping pong ball flies, and triggers the Super Power in every single person we meet.

The Super Secret Master Plan that Julie and I have concocted is a mousetrap-ping-pong-ball-chain-reaction of Human Super Powers. Can you imagine a world where special people everywhere are triggering the magical super powers of other people, and this glitter-ball magic is ever-growing, ever-multiplying, ever-evolving?! Wouldn't that be an amazing world to live in?

The Secret to Unlocking Your Super Power

I can TELL you that the secret to unlocking your Super Power is MINDFULNESS. And you will walk away saying "that's nice." You will apply your definition of mindfulness to my message, and you may never really know the power of my secret because the message got lost in translation.

**hint...mindfulness isn't what you *think* it is because it isn't at all about *thinking*.

However, if I SHOW you what MINDFULNESS is by offering you ways to try it for yourself, you'll soon discover that mindfulness isn't something that can be easily defined, but it can be readily experienced.

And I can hear what you might be thinking inside you noggin right now. . . but what happens when you run out of ping-pong balls? And of course, my answer is that I cannot tell you, but I can show you how to spring-load your mousetrap with an unlimited supply of glitter ping pong balls so you can activate the Super Powers in every single person you meet.

I'm in the process of building my mousetraps with glitter ping-pong balls. And I want to invite you to be part of this fun. I'm in search of a community, a tribe of people to spread this secret.

Do You?

  • feels things deeply

  • love big

  • offer help before anyone else

  • think deeply, and over-thinks your over-thinking

  • observe and absorb all the details and energies of the world around you

  • listen to others with kindness & compassion

  • consider yourself an introvert, highly sensitive person, and/or an empath

  • have a passion and desire to make the world a better place

  • seek out the good in everything and everyone

  • want to live a mindful, abundant, and vibrant life

If you fit any, some, or all of these above qualities, you qualify.


There are 3 ways to start experiencing the magic of this secret for yourself.

  1. Sign up for my MEMBERSHIP BLOG to receive a download each week that will show you the magic of this secret.

  2. Register for any of my ONLINE COURSES I recommend you start with Focused Breathing

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