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How to Stop Over-Thinking in Relationship - balance your third eye chakra

As an EMPATH, your default is to think (and over-think) other people's feelings and thoughts about something more than your own.

You know the game...

1. something awkward happens in your relationship

2. you feel all the awkward feels

3. you feel bad because the other person had to feel the awkward too

4. you wonder if you caused the awkward

5. you blame the other person for the awkward

6. you feel guilty and think about up-teen other ways you may have caused the awkward

7. you strategize how you can fix the awkward

8. you wonder if your fixing will only make things worse

9. you do something, and that makes things even more awkward.

10. you return to step #1.

...and your empath brain and feels get stuck in this never ending feedback loop long after the other person has move passed the awkward and forgotten about the thing altogether.


All this happened because your THIRD EYE CHAKRA (the bundle of nerves inside your sinuses that control all five of your senses) is extra sensory perceptive.

You feel feels...which make you think...which makes you feel more feels and think more thinks.

Your 3rd eye chakra gets stuck in a cycle of thinking and feeling.


An Empath with JEDI Boundaries uses FOCUSED BREATHING (the first lesson in next month's Empath JEDI Boundaries Program) to control this endless cycle and stop over-thinking.

Focused Breathing does so many things for the empath.

clears your mind of excess clutter coming in from everyone else's feelings.

blocks the unnecessary extra energies from coming in from other people's gunk.

creates space for you to slow down your thinking and feeling process to a much more manageable rate.

gives you fuel when energy vampires have zapped you.


p.s. I'm running a 4-week Empath JEDI Boundaries Program every Monday in March. Learn More Here.


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