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How To Center Yourself & Balance Your World

Are you a giver or a taker? Did you know that you will breathe differently based on whether you are in the moment of giving or taking? When we are giving we will naturally exhale more than we inhale, and when we are taking or receiving we will naturally inhale more than we exhale. This leaves people who tend to over-giving to be left with a sense of exhaustion, depletion, neediness, and scarcity. Empaths, who are sensitive to the moods and feelings of others, tend to be over-givers because we want to heal the pain of the not-so-pleasant feelings we absorb from others. With just one simple mindful adjustment in our breathing, we can stop the exhaustion and depletion and find a better balance in our giving and receiving.

Important Side Note: If you haven't already learned the Protective Breath and Cleansing Breath techniques, this Balanced Breath works 3-10x better if you do it at the same time as these other two techniques. They all work well together. You can learn them together in the Focused Breathing online course.

What profession we have chosen can easily dictate our long-term breathing habits and tendencies. For example, if you are in a giving or healing profession such as nursing, teaching, energy healing, or massage therapy where your main focus is giving nurturing and support to others, you spend a large majority of your life exhaling more than you inhale, which can easily leave you feeling depleted. (this is why so many nurses smoke...they take a smoke break so they can BREATHE IN deeply after breathing out too much). If you are in a taking profession such as corporate business or retails where your main focus is making money, you spend a large majority of your life inhaling more than you exhale, which can easily lead you to hoarding tendencies. Either way, our breathing patterns lead to an unbalanced state of being.

On the other hand, we also deal with circumstances in life where things in our world are imbalanced. If you are struggling with an imbalance of power, an inability to balance your budget, an uneven work/life balance, or any other sort of imbalance in your life, your breath patterns will reflect that imbalance. Even moreso, if things in the world that are entirely out of our control are imbalanced, they can impact our breathing as well. For example, when major world issues such as racism, politics, religion, social justice are imbalanced, they can cause us to feel imbalanced simply because they make our breath imbalanced. When our breath is unbalanced, everything in our bodies goes off kilter and kiddy-wompus as well.

The good news is that we live on planet Earth, in the Milky Way Galaxy. Both of which rotate and spin in ways that work to create balance naturally. Everything on earth is ALWAYS working towards balance. From day to night. From winter to summer and spring to fall. From birth to death. Everything in nature eventually balances out.

The ONE thing we have complete control over in our worlds is our breath. If we balance our breath, we can actually effect balance and change in all aspects of life.

If you are conscious and mindful in practicing a BALANCING BREATH you can teach your system to strive towards more balance in your life. I have had clients learn the BALANCING BREATH technique and report to me a couple weeks later that many other things in their lives are settling into better balance as well. The life balance they report ranges from finances, to health, to relationships, to diet & nutrition, to material possessions and much much more.

Balancing your breath is easy, but it requires mindfulness and conscious intention. You simply need to even your breath in tone, volume, and duration. This means you focus on making your inhalations match your exhalations. In other words, breathe in as much volume of air for the same amount of time and relatively the same tone of sound as you do your exhale. It may take several breaths to achieve this balance, but once you do, continue that balanced breath for several breaths as you affirm to yourself "I live a balanced life." If you do this several times a day for several days, or even a few weeks, you might just be astounded by how many things start shifting towards balance in your life.


Personal Mentoring

Do you struggle with over-giving or other imbalances in your life? I did too. In one mentoring session, I will train your brain to work towards balance by teaching you balanced breathing in a way that addresses your specific imbalance issues.

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