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Angela - Standing to a BULLY - Case Study

Angela has only had two sessions with me over the course of three months. The simple homework I provided in session number two was the MOZI Method exercise for Grounding, something I call MULA, which activates the root chakra. She recently texted me with a truly miraculous and amazing story of how MULA worked for her during a particularly challenging situation.

Angela is a single mom to a 2.5 year old son. She found herself in a circumstance where a "big kid bully" came at her son, and she stepped in, as any mom would, especially since there were other young children involved as well. The bully's mother then became the grown-up bully towards Angela. ( wonder where the bully learned his ways?).

Instinctively, as the bully's mom yelled and fed the drama of the situation, Angela stepped into her MULA grounding stance and started her focused breathing. Because Angela had practiced it when she didn't need it, the MULA and breathing were instinctual. She didn't even have to think about it, her body just activated into the MOZI Method posture when she needed it most. As a result, she remained composed as the bully mom ranted at her. Instead of reacting in kind, Angela stayed calm, breathed deeply, and looked the mom right in the eyes as she said a few simple words. This action completely disarmed the mom, and the energy of the situation totally shifted. The mom simply grunted and walked away with her kid. Angela suggested to me that prior to learning these tricks, as an Empath, she would have been consumed with anger and frustration and played into the bully-drama for way too long.

This kind of circumstance could easily devolve into a massive cat fight. But, the MULA Stance magically asserts the energy of calm-confidence. It will calm your mind during chaos, soothe your nerves when you feel attacked, and balance your hormones so you don't get overwhelmed with stress hormones. For Angela, it magically balanced her enough that she could handle the stress without the stress handling her.

After this experience, Angela messaged me to say that these practices are life-changing and more powerful than she could imagine. She added that she intends to continue the full series.


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